he's not supposed to be alive

I’ve got an urgent prayer/financial need to share with you, friends. There’s a precious 17-year-old girl in Cambodia who needs our help. Our friends in Cambodia have known (and loved) this girl for several years now. She’s a sex worker and hard-core addicted to meth. She didn’t choose this life. She’s been abused and trafficked and now she depends on her pimp for the drugs her body desperately needs.

And two weeks ago, she gave birth to a baby boy.

The doctors at the hospital said he wouldn’t survive more than a couple days. His mama was using lots and lots of drugs her whole pregnancy. His chances of being HIV positive are overwhelmingly positive.

Miraculously (thank you, Jesus!), our friends have been granted temporary custody of baby boy, because his mom was going to sell him to who-knows-who for drug money.

Friends, this girl and this baby are the least of the least of these that Jesus talks about. The fact that they’re both still alive right now is all God’s grace. Mama is in a treatment center, and once she recovers from her c-section, she can get into a drug rehab program.

God is moving and working and redeeming, and we can help be the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of these two kiddos of his.

The hospital bills are high, and diapers/formula are expensive in Cambodia. There are doctor bills for the baby and bills for his mama’s treatment and care.

If you’d like to help in any capacity (no gift is too small, really truly), you can donate directly here (just put “teen mom and baby” in the memo) or you can e-mail me for more info. I don’t want to tell the whole story (names, identifying info) here, because I want to respect her privacy.

If you can’t give, will you pray? I just know that God is going to do huge things in this girl’s life. And I look forward to the day when my family returns to Cambodia and gets to meet her and her little guy face-to-face. And I’ll introduce her to all of you too.

Thank you, friends. You people are my favorite.

2 thoughts on “he's not supposed to be alive

  1. Michelle Ayala

    After clicking on that link, there are several options. Would it be the “Hard Places Community Cambodia Freedom Project Girls Home”??

    1. Marla Taviano

      Great question. No, just the first one (Hard Places Community Cambodia), and then after you donate, there will be a place to type a note. You can just put (teen mama E and baby S) in the memo. Thanks, Michelle!

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