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Oh, goodness, friends. You’re overwhelming us with your willingness to pray for us while we’re gone. We have at least three people for each day, but we most certainly won’t argue if you want to make it an even four. Wowza.

Here’s a little something Gabe whipped up today, so you can get a visual of how we’ll be getting to Cambodia, and where we’ll be once we land. Nina printed it out and took it to kindergarten this afternoon. Her teacher said, “she told the whole class, flight by flight, how she was going to get to Cambodia and what she was going to do when she gets there (including telling them about Jesus).” God love her.

Tavianos in Cambodia and Thailand

Here are some ideas for praying for us. Tomorrow, I’ll give a little rough sketch of our day-to-day itinerary (completely subject to change), so you can see what we’ll be doing on your specific prayer day.

–that we’ll get all 23 pieces of luggage (13 suitcases, 5 carry-ons, 5 backpacks) safely through baggage check, onto the plane, and to PP.
–that we’ll make each connecting flight smoothly.
–for health, safety, and loving feelings toward each other on our 27-hour trip.

Cultural adjustment:
–that our jet lag will be minimal and manageable.
–that we’ll adjust quickly to the culture and be adaptable.
–that we’ll set aside expectations and learn from others.

Our time with “our kiddos” at the orphanage:
–that our girls will fit in quickly and seamlessly.
–that our every action/interaction will bring God glory.
–that we’ll be a blessing and not a burden & have so much stinkin’ fun.

Wisdom for:
–our finances.
–our interactions (particularly, blessing others in need while preserving their dignity).
–our schedule/time.

And wisdom for:
–how we can best advocate for those in need.
–how we can best help fight human trafficking.
–sharing God at work through our blogs and photography.

These awesome friends we’ll be spending time with:
–Yvonne (missionary with Hard Places, works at the Boys’ Center)
–Panha & Veasna (brothers who are going to help translate for us)
–Panha and Veasna’s dad (our tuk-tuk driver who recently decided to follow Jesus)

And these awesome friends:
–Narin & Quenie & family (they own the guest house we’re staying at)
–Keri, Scot, Garrett,& Nathan (coming from Singapore to spend 10 days with us in Cambodia)
–Faa and her kiddos in Thailand (the friend who came to our house a few months ago)

That we’ll bring God much glory:
–by sharing the gospel with words and with actions.
–in every situation, at every meal, on every tuk-tuk ride, at every market stall, always.
–by loving well, so, so well.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of prayer requests to add (tomorrow when I post our itinerary and as we go), but this is a nice big chunk for now. I can’t tell you how much it means to us that you’re praying, friends.


10 thoughts on “here's how you can pray

  1. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    I’ll be following your trip and praying for your family.

    Since my trip to Cambodia two years ago, I’ve wanted to take my entire family back with me. Just haven’t been brave enough to plan a trip with the kiddos. The youngest just turned five. You’re making me want to pack up everyone and jump on a plane. Okay, I really don’t want to jump on the plane for 14 hours with my five year-old but she often ask when her friends are going to come to her house! One day we’ll make that trip to Cambodia to meet her friends.

  2. Claudia

    I didn’t sign-up for a specific day because I am putting this post at my desk and will pray each day. I believe this is going to be a phenomenal time for your family. I am confident that God will be glorified.

    Selfish prayer…that your next trip is to Floriida!!! 😉

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