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Oh, I’m excited! Heather in Haiti has made us a list of expectant mamas and their due dates–with pictures! She’s hoping to post it tonight or tomorrow–I’ll let you know as soon as she does.

EDIT: Heather has the names/pics up! Thank you soooo much, friend! Oh, I love these stunning women already!

Enisse is 15 and in labor RIGHT NOW (10:16am). Please pray!

If you haven’t heard about our Big Plans to pray for some beautiful pregnant women and girls in Haiti, read this. Basically, we’re just going to come alongside Heather and the amazing folks at Heartline and lift up these precious women in prayer as much as we can. If you want to pray week-by-week using a copy of Expecting, you can get one here.

I’d like to set aside a day a week to actually kind of pray together here on the blog, but I know we all have such different schedules. Any thoughts?


I mentioned a couple days ago that my friend Megan is making the most adorable Africa ornaments as an adoption fundraiser (they’ll be going back to Ethiopia super soon to bring home little Emelia). They’re just $5 (+$1 shipping) and worth way more than that.

I tried to steal one of her pics to post here, but I couldn’t make it look right, so go check them out on her blog! (we bought the blue star-pattern)

I would LOVE it if you would support Megan and Sean (and Ethan and Eli) as they work hard to get ready for Emelia. And we go to church with these guys now, so we’re gonna get lots of chances to love on this little girl.


And while you’re at it, why don’t you just go ahead and place an order for a CAMBODIA ORNAMENT too? Again, no picture (Meg might be putting one up on her blog if she gets a chance), but they’re great! EDIT: Meg has a Cambodia Ornament Post up on her blog! Check it out!

You can order any of the colors/patterns (or request one you’d like) you see for the Africa ornaments and just specify that you’d like it in the shape of Cambodia.

What a great way to pray for Cambodia (and our trip if you’re so inclined)! And sweet Meg, despite my protests, is giving us 50% of the Cambodia Ornament profits for our Cambodia Fund (which is now up to $4170.00)!


Bonus material! Guess what! Joanne wrote us a note! I don’t know if you’ve been following her story on her blog (her husband Toben updates it regularly) or her sister Kristen’s, but GOD IS WORKING MIRACLES. She can read and write–and she doesn’t seem to have missed a beat. This is a girl whose brain was completely shut down just a couple weeks ago. Incredible.

Please pray for her and her family in the long days, weeks, and months ahead. It’s going to be hard work to get her body caught up with her mind. We love you, girl!

4 thoughts on “haiti! africa! cambodia!

  1. erika

    I’m in love with how your friend is adopting from Ethiopia!! That is where Mikias is from born n raised! And now all of his family is here. His mom just went back for a visit over the holidays, but nice to have her back home. I will be thinking of heather n her family for a very successful adoption!

  2. Rachelle

    Very encouraging post! I love having a seat in the front row of God’s amazing grace!
    The idea of setting aside a day a week to pray is fantastic. This would really help with accountability and remembering.
    Since Joanne’s stroke I have been following her story. Also telling it to Clyde and we are astounded at the miracle of her life! Just WOW GOD!

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