giving day at the boys' center

Oh my stars, I have a million posts to write. The one burning a hole in my brain is the one about how humbling it is to be here in a foreign land where I am completely, COMPLETELY dependent on others (and God) to take even one step or make one decision. How hard it is for someone who likes to be right and smart and in control and not look stupid to be NONE of those things.

What a beautiful and challenging opportunity for growth.

Anyway. No time this morning for all of that. Just wanted to share what we’re doing in about 30 minutes from now. Heading to the Boys’ Center to deliver all the amazing toys, art supplies, books, etc. that you donated to these precious kiddos.

Oh my word the excitement. I can’t even tell you the kind of thrill this brings my heart. After hanging out with them for two days and playing with them, I CANNOT WAIT to give them all these new(-to-them) legos and lincoln logs and cars and puzzles and construction paper and on and on and on. Then get to go back and PLAY with them some more.

This is what I was made for.

For most of these boys, this is the only time they get to actually be a kid. Some of them work long hours collecting cans for recycling, selling books along the river, or getting sold for sex by their parents. Many of them have no opportunity to learn, to play, or to be loved.

My heart aches for them, and at the same time, I praise God for this precious staff (all Cambodian with American advisors like Yvonne and Steph) who love on them in the name of Jesus.

The girls and I have been busy, busy sorting through our 13 suitcases and finding all the stuff that’s specifically for the boys. We have our 5 hugest suitcases filled and ready to go (we’ll need to take 2 tuk-tuks today to get them–and us–all there).

Here’s what went in just ONE of the suitcases.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity in sending us supplies and/or money so we could give this awesome, awesome gift. We praise God for you and can’t wait to show you some pictures of these kids enjoying your love in tangible form.

My heart is so full.

6 thoughts on “giving day at the boys' center

  1. Cheryl Pickett

    Very excited that my book/our stuff is being used in such a wonderful way. Thank you for sharing the photos and for letting us know your plans. I know the kids will be very loved for a whole month 🙂

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