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EDIT (9:04 a.m.): I canceled the noon “party” and lowered the prices. We’ll sell the rest of the stuff next week sometime. Thank you, friends!

As promised, I’ve got some stuff to sell to raise money for our Cambodia Fund. And I’d give you an updated total, but I am DROWNING right now. You should see my piles of books and checks and sticky notes and Scrabble magnets and boa fabric. Who paid? Who didn’t? Who ordered what? How do you spell W-H-A-T-C-H-A-M-A-J-I-G?

You aren’t going to believe this, but I have this silly little habit of getting in over my head (i.e., promising posts and forgetting I’d be out of town from 3:30-9:30pm tonight).


The first person to leave a comment for each item earns the right to purchase it. Only 1 item per person please. Thanks.

Without further ado…

Item #1: One set of 4 cards/envelopes. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Baby ($5 including shipping to U.S. address)

SOLD!! Thank you, Zoo Girl Kelly!!

Item #2: One super-soft, snuggly, flannel-y boa. Seriously. So soft. My girls want to keep it. It will actually be about 6-8 inches longer once I finish it. ($5 + $5 shipping = $10)

Item #3: Spring Fling Boa. Cute model not for sale, see additional pic below. ($8 + $5 shipping = $13)

SOLD!! Thank you, Alicia, and your persuasive little four-year-old! Nina is soooo excited!

Item #4: Black & Blue Boa lovingly made by Ava Taviano, age 8–it’s the one on the bottom. ($8 + $5 =$13)

Item #5: One set of 4 cards/4 envelopes. Bridal Shower, Birthday, Baby Boy, Graduate. ($5 including shipping to U.S. address)

Item #6: A $15 iTunes gift card. ($11 + FREE shipping)

Happy Shopping! Thanks sooooo much for supporting our dreams of Cambodia!

6 thoughts on “get your cool stuff here!

  1. Kelly Wassner

    I would love the first set of handmade cards! They’re super cute! Hope things are going well with your family and so glad we can help in this small way.

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