get to the point already

It probably goes without saying that I have a LOT to write about our trip to Cambodia. And like most things that go without saying, I go ahead and say things about them anyway.

Here’s the deal. (one of my mom’s favorite phrases of mine) I have many, many posts to write. And I think I’m getting really close to being emotionally ready to write them. But they need pictures to go with them. And all of our pictures from our trip are on an external hard drive. And I’ll be darned if I know how to get them off of there an onto this laptop without accidentally deleting all of them.


Until my darling husband is at a place where he can help me without wanting to kill me, we (and by we, I mean you and me) will wait patiently. Because, while I’ve spent my last few days bouncing back and forth between wandering around my house feeling lost and actually accomplishing things like laundry and grocery shopping and buying cute winter coats for my freezing daughters at the thrift store, Gabe has had to go back to work.

And it’s been rough on him.


Okay, so maybe only the heart attack needed the caps, but heck, they’re free. Might as well use ’em.

Here’s a post from my dear friend Keri though while you wait. The funny thing is that while she was busy putting the finishing touches on this post, I was actually dreaming in blog posts. About the Boys’ Center, the very thing she wrote about. She and I both have a burning in our hearts to help raise funds for the amazing people that run this amazing place. Seriously, when you hear some of these stories, your heart will break. And when you realize just how little money it will take to make a huge difference in the lives of some incredible people, you’ll just want to shake your head with your eyes wide and your mouth open.

Or maybe that’s just me.

And I’m dying to tell you about the little girl who said we made her feel valuable.

And I’m dying to tell you about a gal who has overcome all odds to serve God in a foreign land.

And I’m dying to tell you about some things God has whispered in our ears about our future.

And I will.

But for now I’ll work on getting back in the groove of homeschooling. Yesterday? Hideous. Today? Redemption. And I’ll work on drying my oldest daughter’s tears, talking her through her angst and sadness, and convincing her to go back to school tomorrow even though it was really, really hard yesterday and I let her skip today. And I’ll work on organizing my home and my life and getting my newest e-book (about the zoo trip) into the hands of anyone who cares to read it. And I’ll take one day at a time, no, one minute at a time, and do my best to be still and listen for God’s voice.

And I’ll pray. A lot a lot a lot. About our future, for people in Cambodia, for all the wonderful people who commented/e-mailed after yesterday’s post, for my sweet family.

And I’ll try to spend at least as much time thanking as I do asking.

Because I’m so blessed.

10 thoughts on “get to the point already

  1. Rachelle

    Hi Marla, praying for you. Pray for me (us) too. Pray that God’s whisperings will be clear and that his will becomes our hearts’s desire.

  2. T.

    Many prayers for you guys as you readjust. NOT easy and NOT fun … excited to hear about how God worked in your hearts and minds over the last several weeks.

  3. ellen

    still think you need to give us that Cambodian address so we can start packing you up — You have such a heart for that — and it’s a different heart — from God — cause I care about people in other countries – Cambodia, Haiti etc. but I sure don’t have the same heart as you do. It is wonderful to see how God give us each such different hearts but yet the same —
    Looking forward to your posts as you slowly move into posting them.
    Blessings !!!

  4. Sharon

    Praying for you and your fam. Have you read any about dealing with reverse culture shock? I’d imagine you are all experiencing that right about now. It’s hard to get back to normal life, and at the same time, not lose the impact that such a trip has had on you. Can’t wait to hear more stories and see pics. I always have a hard time writing about things I’m really passionate about. Why is that???

    1. Marla Taviano

      There’s just so much more weight and responsibility when it’s something I’m passionate about. I don’t want my words to be inadequate or fail to express the depth of what I feel. I won’t let the fear stop me though, don’t worry!

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