garage sale!

My friend Ruth is purging some stuff and asked if I wanted to sell it for her and put the $ in our Cambodia Fund. Um, YES!! Thank you so much, Ruth!!

We just got some quotes from a travel agency for our plane tickets, and we’re only about $2000 shy of what we need, so we’re scrambling to earn all we can in the next month or so. This is perfect timing!

I also got “hired” by another friend to purge her basement of all the toys and junk her kiddos have outgrown. Am I nuts that this makes me COMPLETELY GIDDY?? Let me know if you’re in the market for some purging help.

I also still have a few boxes of Blushing Bride and One Diaper at a Time books for $1.50 each. I want them gone! E-mail me.

Okay, here we go! If anything strikes your fancy (each item has a link to a photo), leave a comment or e-mail me here. The earliest bird gets the worm!

Item #1: The Ultimate Matrix Collection Collector’s Edition w/bust of Neo = $8 (+ shipping to U.S. address). SOLD!! Thanks, Kim!

Any Matrix fans out there? It’s selling for $30-$55 on Amazon. Here’s a pic.

Item #2: LOST Season 1 DVD set (like-new) = $7 (+shipping to U.S. address). SOLD!! Thanks, Ruth!

It goes for $16-$26 new on Amazon. See pic here.

Item #3: NEW Liz Claiborne checkbook size organizer wallet in red = $8 (+shipping to U.S. address). SOLD!! Thanks, Laura!

In box, never used, even has the original tissue paper in between the folds. $34 value. (Great Christmas gift–she’ll never know.) Click for pic.

Item #4: DodoCase for 1st generation iPad = $8 (+shipping to U.S. address). SOLD!! Thanks, Kori!

$59.95 brand new. Does have a VERY small mark on the front of the case, and the corner “brackets” in the inside have a bit of wear and tear. Black on
the outside and dark blue on the inside. Pic.

Item #5: Set of 3 ImagiPLAY Pozimals (giraffe, elephant, camel) = $7 (+shipping to U.S. address). SOLD!! Thanks, Emily Kay!

Worth $21 total. Sweet giraffe has slight wear on one side of his head. Character, I call it. And I’m fairly certain these will make your kids smarter.

Item #6: Kodak EasyShare digital picture frame = $15 (+shipping to U.S. address). SOLD!! Thanks, Megan!

$90 new. Only used a few times. Pic here.

Item #7: Satin mid-length cape w/faux fur trim = $30 (+shipping to U.S. address).

$125 new. Only worn once, been in box last 6.5 years. PERFECT for a winter wedding! Pic here.

Item #8: Faux fur muff = $5 (+shipping to U.S. address).

Same deal as the cape and a perfect match. $30 new. Only worn once. Pic.

Snatch up these great steals while you can! And if you live close to me, I’d love to see you Wednesday at 7pm at our house for another great cause. I’ll have more garage sale stuff set up!

27 thoughts on “garage sale!

  1. jess

    maybe i’ll finally follow through this time. 🙂 I want 5 copies of diapers if you still have them. let me know if you do, and i’ll actually pay you today!

      1. jess

        yes i am. because all of my towels, dishes, washcloths and sheets are falling apart and I have 3 glasses left (of 22 that we started with) at the same time….so i figure if i re-enact my wedding, i can get new presents….???

        actually, nope!…i texted my cousin b/c she’s getting married in december…and she’s SHORT and she wanted to know the color. I have my very own made-by-mama-lined-with-white-flannel fur cape that i wore, that i offered to let her borrow, but THIS is a steal, and for shorty-pants like her it might be perfect! mine’s prob a foot too long for her! ( i don’t even know if she WANTS a cape, but i like to meddle.)

        and there’s my life story. 🙂

    1. Rain

      On CNN, Don Lemon is out and Anderson Cooper is closeted. There seems to be an awful lot of gay emphasis stories on that channel that most people just ar9;#&3ent that interested in

  2. katie

    It is my dream to someday help people declutter and put on garage sales and then redecorate/repurpose their reclaimed space. Tell me how that basement cleaning goes! I just know there has to be a market for that kind of help…

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