forty. four. days.

“Mom, can you come here?”

I could tell by Ava’s┬átone something wasn’t right. I walked into her room, saw her tears, and knew.

“Do you miss Ivy?”

She nodded and started crying even harder. I just held her and let her cry.

We got home earlier this evening from a week visiting family in the Carolinas. Ava loves all of her family, but she’s got a special place in her heart right now for the newest member, Ivy Grace, born on October 23. Ava spent much of the past 2+ days with Ivy cuddled up asleep against her chest.

“I don’t want to leave her,” she said through tears.

“I know, baby. I know.”

I let her cry for a bit then reminded her about Christmas. And the fact that we don’t get to see our far-away cousins very often as it is.

“I’m not telling you not to feel sad,” I said. “In fact, from this point on, our life is going to be full of a lot of sadness. And also a lot of joy. It’s going to be really hard, but also really good.”

God blessed us with a beautiful week split between my brother’s family in North Carolina and my sister’s family in South Carolina (my other sister lives 90 minutes from us, so we get to see them more often).

(If we’re pals on Instagram, you might have seen the 41 pics I posted this week. You also might have decided to stop following me. Sorry not sorry.)

(Bethany, my “other” sister, introduced me to ChatBooks where you can get 60 Instagram pics printed in a little 6″ x 6″ paperback book for just $6. Hence the Instagram overload so we can take all these memories with us to Cambodia. If you use this code–WMP972HC–you get your first book free. I just ordered 11.)

Jess and Steph spoiled us rotten with delicious, healthy food. At Josh and Jess’s, the six kiddos (ranging in age from 8-13) played beautifully together non-stop (board games, movies, “Kingdom”). At Daniel and Steph’s, the big girls loved on the littles (tons of chasing and squealing and laughing).

It was amazing.

And now we’re home. And all the “lasts” are staring us in the face. Lots to do, lots of good-byes to say, lots of emotions.

Wrapping up The Dancing Elephant. Giving away/selling our stuff. Hustling to get out of debt (we’re $1000 away!!!!). Tutoring. Holiday stuff. Loving neighbors. Shedding tears. Figuring out what banners to have Bethany make for me (get your Christmas orders in by Dec. 1!) Raising support.

Speaking of that last one, we’re working on a way to spread the word about our financial needs in Cambodia. For the next couple weeks, we’re going to just share with people who specifically ask how they can help. Then we’ll move on to approaching people as we have time and feel led. We’re confident God will provide for our needs while we’re there, and we’re excited to see how he does it.

If you’re someone who has asked in the past how you can help, here’s a link to IOM, the missions organization that will handle our finances for us. There’s been some confusion as to how to designate the $ for us. (A box should pop up after you “review donation and continue” that says “for the ministry of” and you just put our names.)


We’d also love (love love) your prayers.

I’ve also been asked if I’ll be blogging in Cambodia. YES. For sure. And I’ll try to blog a few more times before we go.

We leave in 44 days. Eek!

2 thoughts on “forty. four. days.

  1. Sarah Farish

    Yeah,,,ditto what Krysten said:(
    I had a moment this morning – I was typing the dance schedule and noticed…we are back at Shriner’s in March! I thought…we can have a platinum plus plus plus plus meeting again…then, nope. Good things can be so hard, huh?
    I love you:)
    (and thanks for the chatbooks recommendation! So cool!)

  2. Krysten

    I miss you already. I need to see your faces at least a few more times before you step foot into that new adventure God has called you to. 44 days!?!?! Aaahhhh!!!!!
    I love you great big bunches.

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