finding God in a tuk-tuk

Despite a headache the size of Texas (okay, New Jersey) I’m beaming from cheek to cheek. Why, you ask? I thought you’d never.

I got an e-mail this evening from my Facebook friend, Yvonne. She’s home on a short furlough before she heads back to Cambodia at the beginning of the year. She had some sad news.

Do you remember our Cambodian friend, Panha? Our adorable and hilarious 17-year-old translator who is reaching his country for Jesus like you wouldn’t even believe?

Well, Panha’s dad drives a tuk-tuk for a living. (This is the back of it.) Whenever our van driver wasn’t available, we’d have Panha call his dad, so we could bless him with some business. Our whole team couldn’t fit in it though, so we took two (hence the photo opportunity from the rear).

This is what a tuk-tuk looks like from the front and in the rain (but this isn’t Panha’s dad or his tuk-tuk).

Panha lives with his mom, dad and 3 brothers in a small, 2-bedroom home in Phnom Penh. Their mom works at a cafe, and Panha and his older brother Veasna (who is fabulous and awesome just like Panha) work as translators, but Panha’s dad is the primary breadwinner for their family.

Two nights ago, his tuk-tuk was stolen. And with it, their source of income. Tuk-tuks cost $1100 (which is a lot of lot of money in Cambodia). Under “normal” circumstances, this would be a completely hopeless situation for a family like Panha’s.

Veasna e-mailed Yvonne, and she spread the word to everyone she knew, me included. I e-mailed our Cambodia teammates from church and some folks on Facebook.

In no time flat, God took care of that tuk-tuk like nobody’s business. Done. Deal.

What I wouldn’t give to be in that house when Veasna and Panha and their mom and dad and brothers get the news that some folks across the world love them so much they wanted to bless them with a new tuk-tuk.

And the cool thing? Panha’s dad doesn’t know Jesus.


Will you praise our Provider God with me today?? Glory hallelujah, praise his name!!

31 thoughts on “finding God in a tuk-tuk

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  5. LS

    not gonna lie. . .i got all teary when i read “Panha’s dad doesn’t know Jesus. . .YET.”

    PTL for meeting needs in a practical way. . .hallelujah and amen!

  6. Jennie S.

    Wahoo!!! God is good! I just love this! Thanks for sharing, Marla. P.S. When are you going to tell us about your experience speaking with the teens the other week about S-E-X?!?! πŸ™‚

  7. Nancy

    Oh, he’s met Jesus….Praying that he becomes fully aware of that fact. All glory to God! “We love because He first loved us.”

  8. Bethany Peters

    Tears are in my eyes. All I can say is “Wow.” I was expecting to read your blog and see how I can help them raise money and then I got to the end of your post and saw that it’s already been raised! Praise God! How wonderful!

  9. Stephanie your sister

    I’ve never even met these people, and I would give just about anything to be in that house when they find out they’re being given a new tuk-tuk. SO exciting!

    Love you!!!

  10. valerie

    I love this! Praising Jesus, and praying for Panha’s dad, that this will be a testimony to him of the God who loves him. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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