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If you know me at all, you know I’m not a crafter. But I will do just about anything to get my family to Cambodia. My sister Bethany, her husband Stew, and their youth group are having their Spring Art Fair fundraiser this Saturday to raise money for missions. Bethany invited us to set up a table of our “crafts” to sell to raise money for our Cambodia Trip.

If you live anywhere near West Milton, Ohio, the Art Fair will be held from 6-8:30pm at Community Church. Live music, caramel frappes, a chance to buy some really cool handmade stuff. We’d LOVE to see you there!

So, what kind of “crafts” will we be selling? (Hold on to your seats. This will be such a shocker.) Scrabble magnets, boas, Cambodia Photo Cards, other handmade cards, bracelets by Livi, and a few other things we made on our Crafty Spring Break Get-Away with my friend Missy. Maybe even some of my books. (Those aren’t technically handmade, but I did do the bulk of the initial writing by hand.)

If you live near me and have any handmade crafts you’d like to donate (a perfect way to clear out some clutter!), let me know! I can arrange a time/way to get them from you.

I have one boa almost halfway done, but I’m hoping to kick it into high gear and churn out 3-4 more. And I’m making TONS of Cambodia Photo Cards. Bethany’s church also supports an orphanage in Cambodia (we got to visit it while we were there!), so I’m hoping lots of people will want some. And if not, no biggie, because I LOVE sending notes to people on them. And as far as crafting goes, they’re just my style. Five pieces of double-stick tape, write the words “pray for cambodia” in marker, and voila!

I know some of you have asked for more, so here’s your chance to get some. You get 7 cards for $5 (shipping included to U.S. addresses). If you want a pack, e-mail me.

The cards are 5×7 (the photos are 4×6). I have a huge variety of photos, so all 7 will be different. As I explained in this post, I didn’t feel right about selling cards with the kids’ pics on them, so I’m selling you 5 photo cards of Cambodia, then tossing in 2 cards w/pics of beautiful kiddos for FREE. 🙂 And I only have red envelopes now, no green.

As you can tell, the girls help me make the cards. They love doing it, and I love working together with them toward a sweeter-than-sweet goal.

Speaking of goals, on Monday I blogged about our family’s goal to raise $100 apiece for our Traffick Jam 2011 Walk (to help put a stop to sex trafficking in Cambodia). I asked you all to help us raise the money in 2 days, and WA-ZOW-EE!, here we are 2 days later at $580 and counting.

THANK YOU!! All glory to God!!

4 thoughts on “crafting for cambodia

  1. Sharon K

    Marla is it “Community Grace Brethren Church” West Milton, Ohio? I am trying to find out how far away it is 😀 Maybe Jennie and I can come <3

    1. Marla Taviano

      Yes! That would be awesome!! I’d say it’s about 1 hour 20 minutes from you. I would looooove it if you came. Stew’s Dad has been to Cambodia multiple times (along with lots of others from their church).

  2. Rachelle

    Glad you reached your fundraising goal! Wish I lived somewhere close to where these kinds of events(walk/run,Art Fair) are held…I’d even love to be near a garage sale! Hope you sell out on Saturday.

    I still want to hear your family purpose statement, if you’re allowed to divulge.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Yes, SOON! Still working the kinks out of the family purpose statement. And the garage sale has been postponed again. It’s perfect though–more time to get rid of stuff!

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