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Home late tonight after an incredible Missions Team (which is actually considering renaming themselves the Compassion and Justice Team–holla!) meeting with some of my church homies. And let me tell ya, I am not a Meeting Girl. Hate them actually. But these monthly meetings energize me like nobody’s business, because there’s nothing like getting together with a bunch of regular ol’ people who share your heart for those who are hurting in your community and around the world.

Which is why the response to yesterday’s post was so encouraging to me. HOLLA! I don’t take for granted the awesome privilege of having compassion-&-justice-minded folks all around me both physically and internet-edly. Thank you, Jesus.

What you’re about to read is going to serve two purposes: 1) It’s going to give you a heads-up (and hopefully get you a little fired up) about some stuff we’re going to be chatting about in the weeks/months to come. And 2.) It’s going to serve to hold me accountable (me, the girl who has big talks and big dreams and doesn’t always follow through).

So, in no particular order, and right off the top of my noggin, here are some things you can EXPECT to see in the next 3 months here on the blog:

CHECK–A FREE copy of The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky for ANYONE who wants one on February 14. I am not a fan of Hallmark holidays AT ALL, so this is my anti-sappy, anti-materialistic contribution to the day that I recognize for one reason only: it’s my darling grandma’s birthday.

CHECK–Some exciting news about Traffick Jam 2012 and how YOU and your friends and family can get involved in fighting human trafficking in a super-fun, super-tangible way.

–At least one honest post about our homeschooling experience this year. And by honest, I mean HONEST.

CHECK–A week-long quite-possibly-uncomfortable discussion about orphanages and whether or not they’re the best option for kiddos in Cambodia (and other places), including (but not limited to) a  no-holds-barred Q & A with John McCollum, Executive Director of Asia’s Hope.

CHECK–A possible Read-Along (our 4th). Praying about this one, so it’s not a definite.

–Getting up close and personal with Steph and Yvonne, two beautiful friends who are serving Jesus and the poor in Cambodia (I haven’t exactly asked them for permission yet, but now that I made it public, they can’t turn me down, right? Right, girls?)

–Speaking of beautiful friends in Cambodia, I’m also going to (re)-introduce you to Jen who is currently serving as director of a new school that just opened this year in Svay Pak, a village that is notorious for child sex trafficking in Cambodia. You will be so encouraged by what God is doing to bring restoration and hope to this place that has been (and still is) such a stronghold of evil.

–Why I’m glad my first book is out of print (and plans for a revised e-book version).

–An update on my latest e-book that is technically “finished” but NEEDS A TITLE.

–A little peek inside our home, per Jess‘s request. I really should’ve taken some before/after (cluttered/de-cluttered) shots, but oh well.

–One last Bloggy Bazaar with the rest of my goodies from Cambodia & Thailand. Y’all nearly bought me dry last week!

And that’s all I’m willing to commit to at the moment. That’s actually more than I’m willing to commit to, but I done just committed anyway. You have my reluctant permission to give me gentle nudges if you notice that I’m not regularly checking these puppies off my list.

Would love to know what YOU are blogging about these days.

25 thoughts on “consider yourself warned

  1. Beth in Baltimore

    I always grumble to myself about Valentine’s Day too, but when it comes right down to it, I love the opportunity to celebrate my marriage for any reason. So I can relate, and I’m trying to think of creative ways to show my man I love him that don’t cost Hallmark $$, if you know what I mean.

    Plus, my Dad sends “the girls” in his family beautiful, heartfelt cards – every year. They melt me.

    And, I’m having a fondu party on 2/14 with a group of young women from church that I love! Suddenly this dumb holiday is looking incredible!

      1. Beth in Baltimore

        Bezzerwizzer? Love it! I have your e-book! It’s great. And I’m looking forward to my weekend, even though he has to work on the evening of 2/14. Oh well. Can you pray for us? A new schedule would be such a blessing. Which could involve a big move, etc. etc. etc. Big stuff!

  2. Gaylene

    That is some list and I am looking forward to all of it.

    When I blog, I write devotions (actually looking to write a devotional book one day, after I finish my dissertation) as this is what God has led me to do.

  3. brooke

    mkay so if you’re praying about the read along i guess i shouldn’t pester you anymore.

    looking at my calendar, i might be in Cincinnati the weekend of Traffick Jam2012. Wonder if I could convince my family to make the extra mileage to Cbus and crash your 10 miles?

      1. brooke

        the weekend after my MIL’s bday. how much would she love for us to visit for her special day?? DIL of the year & meeting Marla in the same week? must. make. this. happen.

  4. Leigh

    That is quite the list! I’m looking forward to the discussion on orphanages. One of my good friends works for Visiting Orphans so I’ll have to let her know about it once those posts are up.

    This month I’ve launched my This Is How We Met series. I’ve asked my blog friends to share a story about how they met their spouse, either the actual moment, the first date, whatever. I want to encourage those of us still single that it can happen in an instant and also encourage those that are already married by letting them traipse down memory lane. I’ve had such a good response that it’s going to be an on-going series. Let me know if you want to be a part of it, Marla. I’d love to have you be a part of it!

    1. Marla Taviano

      I just bought a t-shirt from Visiting Orphans. It came yesterday, and I love it!

      I would love to share my story on your blog. Would it be okay if I cheated and just edited a page from one of my books where I already wrote it out?

  5. Jennifer

    I’m tempted to blog constantly about how much we need our house to sell. But I’m refraining, knowing that I really just need to trust God and be open to what He’s teaching us through this. In the meantime, we’ll keep maintaining (and paying for!) TWO homes. So stressful. And so very much a first world problem, which is why your blog is always so challenging. My children are safe and fed, so why am I anything but super thankful?

    Looking forward to a possible read-along! May have to read 7 on my own even if that isn’t the book you pick.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Found your comment in my spam folder. Boo. I get the 2 homes thing. We did it for 7 months when we moved here. Took us a long, long time to recover. 🙁 Praying for you, friend. And for a quick sale of your house.

  6. Nancy

    Wow, you’re taking a big bite!! Praying that you’re able to stay on task. I am not a blogger….although I did set one up at one time called My Vicarious Life (it’s not the web address, though, so you probably won’t find it). I’m too busy living vicariously through others that I don’t have anything to write about myself!! Ha!

  7. Sharon

    I am looking forward to the upcoming posts, Marla. And would love to do another read-along. There’s more goodies from your trip? For my wallets sake, I hope I don’t see that post until everything is already spoken for! 😉 We are loving what arrived this week. My daughter is obsessed with the flip flop luggage tag. Though she keeps trying to wear the flip flop!!

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