come seeeeeeee us!!! (in ohio!!)

FRIENDS. We have exciting news!!

We are having a BIG REUNION PAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYYYYY on Saturday, July 16 in Columbus, Ohio, and YOU’RE INVITED!!


(Okay, so there’s this small catch. The “party” also includes raising money. And walking ten miles. Yes, TEN MILES.)


(p.s. If you are nowhere near Columbus, OH, you can sponsor our fam OR you can do a walk of your own–big or small–in your city!! Details here.)

Here’s the thing. We need to raise enough money ($8888.00) to run the center here in Siem Reap for a year.

(I secretly think this will be very, very easy because ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME.)

Here’s how we’re going to do it. 

1.) You sign up to walk 10 miles with us on July 16. (The initial “sign-up” is just a click that says “I’m going” on Facebook. Then we’ll send you a link to the official registration when it’s ready. Registration fee is $10. This $ goes to cover the cost of the venue and anything we have to buy that’s not donated.)

2.) You invite your friends and family to join you. (Parents, there will be a 1-mile fun walk for the kiddos. And you KNOW they can raise more $ than us adults because CUTENESS FACTOR. And GRANDMA.)

3.) You find 10 people to give you $1/mile for a total of $100. (if 90 people do this, we’re SET.)

4.) You show up at 7:00am for registration, and you start walking at 8:00am.

5.) If you’re not up for walking all 10 miles, walk what you can. Or just donate money and come cheer. Better yet, volunteer to collect donations (food, water, supplies) or man a table or hand out water or help with the cook-out.

6.) Make friends! Have fun! The course is a 1-mile loop through a metro park (pretty!), so you can stop and take breaks between laps. You can meet up with new people to walk with. Whatever makes you happy.

7.) Around noon-ish, we’ll have a cook-out together! We’ll eat, talk, share a little bit about Cambodia. Kids can play on the playground. You’ll have the opportunity to buy some fun stuff to help support the center.

8.) Then you’ll go home and collapse from exhaustion. 

Friends, we reeeeeeeally want you to come! We’ll only be in the States for 2 months, and we have a LOT of people to see. And family (and our close friends in Columbus) will get first priority. This will most likely be our only opportunity to see many of you, and this will MAKE OUR DAY.

And if we’ve never met before?? WE WILL BE NEW FRIENDS!!!

And, like I said, I reeeeeally think we can meet our goal easy-peasy. (In FACT, I think we can EXCEED it.)

Additional Ways You Can Help:

1.) Talk to businesses you know and ask for donations. Bottled water. Hot dogs and buns for the cook-out. Donuts. Gift cards to grocery stores. WE WILL TAKE ANYTHING. (okay, maybe I will put you in touch with someone who knows what we’ll actually need–that person is not me)

2.) Ask for donations for a silent auction. Gift cards. Gift baskets from your favorite local shop. Anything and everything fun! (all $ raised will go directly to operating costs of the center for the next year)

3.) Let me know if you want to be on the planning committee. Our awesome friend, Pam, is heading this all up for us, and we don’t want her to tackle it alone.

4.) If you have other ideas, we’re open!

Let me know if you have any questions!! I’ll be doing more posts with more details!!

We are really super excited to see all of you and do this awesome thing for an awesome cause!! Woooohooooooooo!!!!

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