christmas in july!

Hey, friends. Happy Monday! And no, I’m not already thinking about Christmas (I don’t really even love Christmas–shoot me.) regardless of how many stores have Halloween decor on the shelves (are you kidding me?) three months early. (????)

I just have a little opportunity for us to bless some kiddos in Cambodia rightthisminute.

Our beautiful friend Yvonne (who we spent lots o’ time with while we were there) has been in the States for a couple months and is heading back to Cambodia at the beginning of August. She messaged me the other day and asked how much the stuff I bought for her (and some other missionaries and the boys at the boys’ center) weighs, because she’s already started packing and wants to know how much room to leave in her suitcases.

And I was all, “WHY are you packing so SOON?” (Although we started packing for Cambodia about a year before we actually went.) And she said it’s because she keeps seeing awesome stuff for the Boys Center at the Target Dollar Spot and whathaveyou, and she wants to know when she needs to quit shopping.

To which I replied, “If you had the $ to take an extra suitcase full of goodies back with you, would you do it?”

“HOLY FREAKING ABSOLUTELY!!” she said (caps and exclamation points–and also the words–all mine. I think she actually said, “Yes!”).

So. I have a favor. I need your help raising $200 for the international extra bag fee. And quickly. Someone already blessed her with a super-durable, super-light suitcase, so we’re good there.

If we go over, GREAT, because she also could use money to buy more toys and supplies. She’s also taking some baby items to Alli, the director of the Hard Places Community, who recently adopted a gorgeous baby boy.

As soon as I told her we’d pay for her to take an extra suitcase, she stocked up on bottles of craft glue, puzzles, flash cards, mini white boards, rolls of coloring pages, construction paper, googly eyes, beads, and wants to buy 15 journals for the female staff she’ll be mentoring when she goes back.

So, if you’re able to donate any amount–even just $5–please go to Yvonne’s blog, click the donate button, and there you go. All contributions are tax-deductible, and I can personally guarantee you that your $ is not only in the hands of a trustworthy, honest person, but that your $ is going to go a long way to bless some amazing boys (and girls–they’re starting a girls’ center!!) in Cambodia who need love and safety and JESUS.

I’ll try to stay in touch with Yvonne tomorrow (Monday) if she’s not busy, so we can keep a running total of how much we’ve got.


**Update at midnight: we have $85 of $200 raised. Keep the $ coming!!**

**We just need $5 more!!! Woooohooooooo!!!**

11:15pm Tues: Yvonne just messaged me. $330!! Thank you so much, friends!!!!

One more favor. I have a big (heavy) box to send her (she’s in KC, Missouri) full of dry goods for her and the other missionaries, gifts for some of the staff, letters, and some supplies for the boys’ center. I used all my $ to buy the stuff and would be so blessed if someone wants to donate $20 to ship it. If that’s you, shoot me an e-mail, and we’ll work it out. THANK YOU. (Thank you, LS!! So blessed!!)

Last thing. We’ll be doing another Read-Along this fall, and I am SO STINKING EXCITED about it. The book (it’s actually just a 40-page booklet) is called Deepening the Soul for Justice (by Bethany Hoang), and it is so amazing and powerful. Bethany is a personal friend of my dear IRL friend Amanda, and she (Bethany) and I have been in touch about the Read-Along. She’s super excited too.

The main thrust of the book is this: “Seeking justice doesn’t begin at the door of a brothel. Seeking justice begins with seeking the God of justice.” In other words, prayer and getting to know the heart of God through his word are the two most important things we can do as we seek justice for the oppressed. So so so important.

I’ll be talking (and praying) a lot about it in the days and weeks to come. We’ll get started sometime in September, and we’ll dig deep, deep, deep into this tiny book–and God’s Word–together.

Here’s a sneak peek. It’s only $2.43 if you buy it for your Kindle! Woot!

Last thing: sometime next week, I’m going to feature my friend Jolie on my blog. She just started her own hand-crafted paper goods business (be still my heart) called Joliemade, and she’s going to give something fun away AND give 10% of next week’s proceeds to The Hard Places Community in Cambodia. Woohoo!! Can’t wait for you to meet her. She’s super-talented and a hoot-and-a-half.

So, that’s it. Please consider giving a little to help Yvonne take some awesome stuff back to the Boys Center! Thank you!

10 thoughts on “christmas in july!

  1. Yvonne

    I canNOT even begin to tell you what a blessing it is that you use your voice to bring blessing to so many!! I love you, your family and all of your hearts 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Just bought the ebook! Though I’ll probably forgot I already bought it by the time September rolls around…..I don’t like to read ahead, I wanna wait til the official start time.

  3. Sharon


    A couple of random things. Was just thinking the other night that your girls hadn’t blogged in a while. Then, bam, got emails that Ava and Livi had new posts up 🙂

    And, I had recently been thinking that it had been a while since you’d done a read-a-long. Now I read that there is one coming up. Yay!!!!

    One other thing, but it applies to another post, so I will comment there.

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