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Here we go! A tentative itinerary for our trip. Just a reminder: we’re hoping to be flexible and leave lots of room to follow God’s leading, develop relationships, and learn as much about the people and culture as we can. We also want to be sensitive to the schedules of the orphanages and other organizations we’ll be visiting. So much of this is just a general idea of what we’ll be doing each day (I just took all the things we want to do and plugged them in wherever).

Super-Duper Tentative, Unset-in-Stone, Maybe-Might-Do Itinerary:

Sunday, December 11:
Depart C-bus for Chicago 7:45am (EST)
Depart Chicago for Seoul, South Korea 12:00pm (CST)

Monday, December 12:
Arrive in Seoul 4:50pm (14 hours ahead of C-bus)
Arrive in Phnom Penh 10:50pm (12 hours ahead of C-bus).
Arrive at our guest house via our friend Panha’s dad’s tuk-tuk (& a van & another tuk-tuk) with all 20+ pieces of luggage intact.
Sleep. (please, Lord!)

Tuesday, December 13:
Lunch & tour of The Hard Places Community (the Boys’ Center, etc) with our friends, Yvonne, Panha, & Veasna.
Afternoon/evening: visit our kiddos at the Asia’s Hope orphanage.

Wednesday, December 14:
Yvonne show us around Phnom Penh.
Kids’ Club.
Fair Trade shopping.

Thursday, December 15:
Shop for school supplies with our friend Ruthie (a teacher).
Kids’ Club.
Afternoon/evening: Visit our kiddos at the orphanage.

Friday, December 16:
Tour Daughters of Cambodia, an organization that helps women leave the sex trade and earn a living through sewing, jewelry making, etc.
Visit our friend Mike at his restaurant, Mike’s Burgers.

Saturday, December 17:
Hang out with the kiddos at the orphanage.

As a general rule, we’ll probably spend 2 (maybe 3) weeknights at the orphanage and every Saturday we can. We also hope to help with Kids’ Club (at the Boys’ Center and at a temple in Phnom Penh) whenever we can.

Sunday, December 18:
Church with the Asia’s Hope kiddos.

Monday, December 19:
Hang with Narin & Quenie & kiddos (own the guest house we’re staying in), Yvonne.
Visit Bloom, another organization helping women leave the sex trade.
Afternoon/evening: visit kiddos at orphanage.

Tuesday, December 20:
Fair trade shopping for After-Christmas gifts for friends and family back home.
Deliver supplies to school in nearby village (notorious for child trafficking, but God is doing big things here)

Wednesday, December 21:
Our friends Keri and Scott Jenkins and their boys Garrett and Nathan arrive from Singapore for 10 days.
Christmas at Kids’ Club.
Afternoon/evening: take the Jenkins fam to meet our kiddos at the orphanage.

Thursday, December 22:
Christmas at Kids’ Club.
Visit Asia’s Hope school.
Afternoon/evening: orphanage w/the Jenkins fam.

Friday, December 23:
Christmas at Kids’ Club.
Zoo/ fair trade shopping at Daughters, etc./touring Phnom Penh with Jenkins fam.
Take Jenkins fam to Mike’s.

Saturday, December 24:
Boat ride/fried chicken with the kiddos at the orphanage.
Deliver Christmas goodies to the other Prek Eng orphanages.

Sunday, December 25
Church with the Asia’s Hope kiddos.
Christmas with friends.

Monday, December 26:
Shopping/touring Phnom Penh w/Yvonne and Jenkins crew.
Tuol Sleng genocide museum/National Museum

Tuesday, December 27:
Boat ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap/Angkor Wat w/Jenkins fam.

Wednesday, December 28:
All the kiddos from all 5 Asia’s Hope orphanages in Prek Eng joining us at Siem Reap/Angkor Wat. Woot!!

Thursday, December 29:
Siem Reap/Angkor Wat
Gabe: photo shoot with NGO helping students learning to be chefs

Friday, December 30:
Siem Reap/Angkor Wat
Say tearful good-bye to Keri, Scot, Garrett, and Nathan.

Saturday, December 31:
Return to Phnom Penh. Pack for Thailand.

Sunday, January 1
Church with the Asia’s Hope kiddos.

Monday, January 2
Fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Spend time with our friend Faa and her 8 children.

Tuesday, January 3
Celebrate our 14th anniversary in Thailand.
Spend time with Faa and the kids.
Do some touristy stuff.

Wednesday, January 4
Visit Asia’s Hope orphanages in Chiang Mai.

Thursday, January 5
Nina’s 6th birthday.
Zoo in Chiang Mai.

Friday, January 6
Fly back to Phnom Penh
Dinner w/Yvonne & Panha & gang.

Saturday, January 7
Hang out with the kiddos at the orphanage.
Dance party?

Sunday, January 8
Church with the Asia’s Hope kiddos.

Monday, January 9
Fair trade shopping.

Tuesday, January 10
Visit Asia’s Hope school.
Hang out with the kiddos at the orphanage.

Wednesday, January 11
Shopping/packing/eating/last-minute stops.

Thursday, January 12
Tearful good-bye with orphanage kiddos.
Tearful good-byes with everyone else.
Leave Phnom Penh at 11:50pm. Gain 12 hours back.

Friday, January 13
Arrive in Columbus at 1:09pm.
Thank Jesus for our trip.

Saturday, January 14 and beyond
Whatever God wants us to do.

We leave in two days. Two days. TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAYS!!!!!!!

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  2. Rachelle

    I know this isn’t my day but I’ve had you on my heart and mind since yesterday! Praying that all is going well and look forward to hearing that you’ve arrived.

  3. Kaye

    Praying for your family, as you travel and while you are witnessing and loving these children. Have a blessed trip.
    Love to all,
    Matthew 21:22

  4. Keri

    Now this post just flat out makes me giddy!! I have been fighting the Christmas blues as friends get ready to go home to the states and reading this makes me happy. Really, really, really happy. 9 days……

  5. sarah m.

    gosh Marla, got all teary eyed reading your itinerary. I am in awe of how God orchestrated this all and how your family has followed His leading in your lives. What an honor it is to pray for you Tavianos as you set out on your adventure. Ps- please make sure to move alot while in the airplanes… blood clots please! That’s a LOT of sitting 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    Two days…amazing. Your prayer requests are printed and posted. I’m also praying for good sleep while you’re there. Hope you have some ambien:)

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