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I should’ve just titled this post, “GOD IS STINKING AWESOME!” Because he is. Always. And I really shouldn’t be shocked at his amazing provision, so let’s just say I’m awed. Completely stinking AWED.

Yes, I over-use the word “stinking.” And I don’t foresee ever stopping.

Before I share God’s latest and greatest, let me back up to July 31, 2010, the day I made my first deposit into the “Cambodia Fund.” I took some of the girls’ stuff to a consignment shop and made $15.00. And sold some books for $8.00. That month, my little envelope has 15 different transactions recorded on it for a total of $132.00.

I wish I could remember what I was thinking at the end of last August. $132.00. Was there any way we could save up enough money to get all five of us to Cambodia before the year 2050?

By the end of September, $376.00. By the end of 2010, $1380.00.

Hundreds and hundreds of little deposits (and a couple BIG gifts) later, we bought 5 big plane tickets to Cambodia (September 2011). Then 5 little ones to Thailand (October). Then travel immunizations (November). Then lots and lots of supplies/gifts/books to share with our friends in Cambodia.

And our fund was starting to dwindle down to much less than we’d need while we were over there. But I wasn’t (too terribly) worried, because God. Period. But also because Gabe is using all his vacation days for this trip, so he’ll still be getting paid while we’re there. That should cover our needs, I thought (hoped).

And then he had a heart attack. And praise the Lord for health insurance, but we knew we’d still owe an out-of-pocket chunk.

And then we had the opportunity to speak at my mom and dad’s little country church about our trip. Remember, we haven’t done the missionary-fund-raising thing for this trip. For lots of reasons. 1.) We did it for our last trip. 2.) We wanted to “feel the pain” a little more and for our girls to get the whole “sacrifice for a cause” thing. 3.) We wanted the freedom to go as a family and not with an organization. 4.) And so on and so on.

Of course, we know too many amazing, generous people for our scheme to go as planned. Little gifts here and there, gross overpayment on Scrabble magnets and washer necklaces, friends we’ve never met in real life telling us that God woke them up in the middle of the night and told them to give to us.

So, we’d never shared at a church before, and frankly, we only did it because my dad asked us if we would. And we didn’t know until a few days before that they’d be taking a “love offering” for us.

And we certainly would’ve never in a million years guessed that a congregation of 75 would give us enough money to DOUBLE our current Cambodia Fund and bring it up to almost the exact amount we’d calculated we’d need for our guest house, food, transportation (van/tuk-tuk), translator, hotel at Siem Reap, guest house in Thailand, and two zoo trips (one in Cambodia, one in Thailand).

God be praised. Hallelujah!

AND y’all have been so generous in giving supplies for the orphanage, schools, and boys’ center that we have to take two extra suitcases (beyond our allotted 10) just to get it all over there.

I don’t really even know what to say or how to thank you.

So I’ll just say a completely inadequate THANK YOU and ask God to fill in the gaps. Bless you, bless you, bless you, friends.

Tomorrow: an easy way to bless some of our Asia’s Hope kiddos.

And a prayer request: Gabe has his follow-up appointment with the cardiologist at 1:00pm today (Monday). Praying for (and expecting!) a fabulous report and two thumbs-up for Cambodia. WE LEAVE IN THIRTEEN DAYS!!! Holy stinking cow!!!

7 thoughts on “cambodia fund update

  1. Krysten

    God is the flippin’ coolest!! He’s always doing tremendous stiff like that!! (if you ever get tired of “stinking” you can just borrow “flippin'” unless that’s too close to a different F-word for ya!)

  2. Sharon

    13 days??? Wow, that trip is creeping up so fast! Beaming at the thought of God’s goodness. And praying in faith for a great appointment for Gabe with two thumbs and two toes up 😉

  3. Ruth

    That is so stinking awesome! Praise God!! So happy for you guys, and I will keep praying for you, especially the appointment tomorrow. Woo hoo!!!

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