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So I was talking to my friend Sharon about plane tickets to Cambodia. I asked her how much hers was for June, and she said, “Well, my ticket from California to Cambodia is ______ (I can’t remember what she said), but I still have to buy my ticket to California.”

I totally and completely forgot that a big chunk of the cost of getting to Cambodia for us is just getting to the West Coast from Ohio. Getting our family to California in the air will cost us somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500-$3000.

That’s a LOT of Scrabble magnets and washer necklaces.

But, oh my goodness, hold the presses. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve been through this once before. Our family of five dreamed of flying to California to see some zoos, and God said, “Nope, sorry, not gonna give you that much money.”

And then he went and turned our disappointment into COMPLETE AWE (but that’s a story for another book…).

And I can tell you that driving the 3,000+ miles to California isn’t all that bad (of course, I wasn’t the one driving). And I know for a fact it can be done for less than $2500-$3000 (unless gas goes up to $20/gallon or something).

So. What am I saying? I don’t really know. Just that the thought of shaving a couple thousand dollars off our trip fills my heart with glee. And yes, I realize we’ll have a boatload of luggage. And yes, I know that Gabe’s vacation days don’t grow on trees. And yes, I wonder how ON EARTH we (Gabe) would survive the drive home with some of the world’s fiercest jet lag.

I’m just thinking out loud at this point. Humor me.

As of right this minute, we’ve got $5847.00 in our Cambodia Fund. (Isn’t that AWESOME??) We would LOVE to get to $6000 by Saturday (the date of our Traffick Jam 2011 walk). If ever you might be interested in Diapers/Blushing books, washer necklaces, Cambodia Photo Cards, Scrabble magnets, or anything I have lying around my house, now would be the perfect time to let me know.

I got a royalty check today for Is That All He Thinks About? and I’m super-excited to spend it on passports for the girlies! It will all seem so much more real once they have those in their hands (well, stored safely in my desk anyway). These poor little girls are just dying to go RIGHT NOW and December feels like an eternity away. It kind of actually is, but I know from experience, it will be here before we know it.

We’re all just a weensy bit weary of making stuff to sell, but it’s good for us. And the lessons God is teaching us are invaluable.

If you’re well-versed in cheap plane tickets or have any brilliant ideas (about anything really), let me know. Otherwise, have a terrific Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “cambodia fun(d) news

  1. Sharon

    Well actually I had my flight scheduled … but I could only remember part of what it cost when we were talking :o) I have my blonde moments and I believe I was having one then, haha!
    I am getting really excited!! I have less than 6 weeks until I leave. I am still a little bit short on funds… but God has a plan and I know that He will provide.
    … and … if anyone wants to join us at Traffick Jam 2011 we will be at the Dublin Recreation Center West Shelter beginning at 8AM this Saturday. Come join the walk or be there to cheer on those who are walking.
    Marla, I adore you and can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  2. Jennifer

    This won’t be helpful for THIS trip :), but take advantage of the frequent flyer program for whatever airline you fly with to Cambodia once you do. Wes and I flew to Beirut and back with an American Airlines partner and earned enough points to fly out to California (from Texas) and back. Again, that won’t help you this time around, but free flights for the future are always a good thing.

    Oh, and Southwest is wonderful. No extra fees for bags!

  3. Christy @ pureMotherhood

    Just a note about airfare – we’ve never paid more than $350/ticket to fly from Indy to CA on Southwest (that’s really on the high side) and the beauty of SW is that they don’t charge for luggage, up to 2 pieces per person. 🙂

    1. Christy @ pureMotherhood

      Unless you’re going to be flying around Christmas, don’t buy your tickets MONTHS in advance. Get on Southwest’s email list to find out about sales. We’ve always bought our tickets about 6-8 weeks prior to leaving, sometimes 3 months but never further out than that.

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