cambodia: easier & not

Along the lines of my previous post, Cambodia: Cheaper & Not, here’s an in-exhaustive list of things that are easier in Cambodia and things that are, um, not easier.

Things That Are Easier in Cambodia:

  • Getting Vitamin D in February. (lots and lots and lots of Vitamin D)
  • Finding fresh pineapple from a street vendor with all the outside already cut off & carved so you can eat it like a drumstick.
  • Getting ready to walk outside in winter. No bundling, no layers, no looking for missing gloves. Slip on your flip-flops & go.
  • Walking to a fun coffee shop, restaurant, or farmer’s market.
  • Finding someone to practice your Khmer on.
  • Buying delicious, fresh tropical fruit.
  • Eating an authentic Asian meal (at a restaurant) for $10-$15 (for 5 people).
  • Paying a lower price than the seller originally stated (bartering).
  • Traveling to other countries on this side of the world.
  • Finding things to Instagram (although I didn’t really have that much trouble back in the U.S.).
  • Feeling like you’re finally where God called you to be.

Things That Are Harder in Cambodia:

  • Keeping your feet clean (so much dust!).
  • Keeping your furniture clean (so much dust!).
  • Keeping your floors clean (except yay!).
  • Communicating with your neighbors.
  • Communicating with people at stores, markets, & restaurants.
  • Blending in.
  • Brushing your teeth (bottled water only).
  • Staying in touch with family & friends (12-hour time difference & can’t just pick up the phone).
  • Getting places (without your own vehicle).
  • Shopping for food & finding what you need (at a price you can afford).
  • Leaving/getting back into your house (we have to lock/unlock 5 doors anytime we go anywhere).
  • Bugs. Lots of bugs. The girls have so many bites all over them. (of course, there was this.)
  • Leave the smallest crumb or residue on a plate in the sink, and minutes later, there will be hundreds of tiny ants.
  • Drying clothes without a clothes dryer.
  • Falling asleep when you’re sweating.
  • Cooking dinner (so many things factor into this).
  • Missing friends & family.

Again, I’m sure I left all sorts of things off the lists, but this is what my brain came up with for now. Any questions?

2 thoughts on “cambodia: easier & not

  1. Brooke

    we have 5 doors in our cabin, and at night when we make sure they are all locked, we count to 5 in spanish as we turn the deadbolt. perhaps something to help with your khmer numbers?

  2. Sharon

    Just a comment. Wow – pretty sure I couldn’t make it even an hour or two there. And, was at my Dentist yesterday, he’s considering moving to a new office building, one of the many issues is the tile on the floors. No matter how often they clean it, it just gets dirty again and cleaning it messes up the wheels on their chairs. I instantly thought of you all and your floors that have to be constantly cleaned.

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