Today (Tuesday) was way more low-key than yesterday but SO much fun. After breakfast we headed to the orphanage for a big painting project (we painted the stone wall at the entrance–both sides). I’ll be honest, I didn’t do very much (okay, any) work. We didn’t have a whole lot of rollers and brushes and who am I to deprive these strapping young pre-teen boys who wanted to paint a wall?

Instead, I took tons of fabulous pictures of everyone else (Jason, Lindy, Erin, Gabe, Savong, Bun Ny and the older kids who were home from school on a vacation) working hard. I did get stuck painting the bottom of the wall with a paintbrush when most everyone else was finished. I painted over quite a few spiders and some dirt.

After painting, we unrolled our Kuh-MY-Dye shirts, rinsed them, wrung them out, wrote names on the collars, and hung them on the clothesline. We were a little low on dye there at the end of yesterday, but they still turned out super cute.

Savong and Pisey invited us to stay for lunch, and HOO BOY, yummeroo!! Fried noodles with chicken and greens and SOS Hot Chili Sauce. Yummoyummoyum! We’ve had a fair amount of American food while we’ve been here, and this Pei Wei girl CRAVES Cambodian food. No more fries! Bring on the rice! This is Longdich and Pisey preparing our meal.

After lunch we made birthday cards for the kiddos (we each made three), and we’re having a big birthday party for them tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. We’re just going to shower them with love and gifts and let them know how special and beautiful they are.

The little kids got home from school and it was pouring rain, so Somphoas held up a tarp for them to walk under. Melt me.

Tonight was Boa Night. Be still my heart. Gave me chills to see all these beautiful kiddos making boas with all the fabric so many of you donated. AWESOME.

I’m telling you, friends, there’s gonna be an ache the size of Texas in my heart when we have to leave them in 2 days. And there are a handful of them that have wormed their way into the deep, deep parts of my heart, and I’d better just stop before I start crying. I’m sitting here with Jen while she updates her blog (I’ll finish mine in the morning with pics again). We’re talking about the kiddos and SIGH.

I’ve loved every second of this week. LOVED. God is so good. And Livi, Ava and Nina, we’ve told everyone ALL about you, and the kids LOVE the picture we gave them of you. See you SO soon!!

Thanks for praying, friends! You ROCK!

12 thoughts on “cam-boa-dia!

  1. Kristen

    This one just hit me upside the head. Here I sit all teary!!! Beautiful kids…wish we could give them all a home…but SO thankful for places like that and people like you that let the kids know they are loved and unconditionally so by their Father!!!!!!

  2. Crissy

    What an incredable time you are having! Praying for the rest of the time and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! Love you friend!

  3. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    I agree, the food was soooooooooo good. Can you bring back some stir fried noodles and veggies and ship them back to Texas?

    Yes, you will cry when you leave! I haven’t stopped crying and I’ve been gone a year. I miss these sweet kids.

  4. Rachelle

    We just tye-dyed at VBS last week, so I am especially admiring the hard work done here. I had all the luxurues (washer, dryer, 2 sinks) and it was a mess! But oh so worth the results! You are so blessed to be there, in the midst of what really matters.

  5. krista

    you know…God has done amazing things while you are there! I know that you will keep your heart open to remember all of the blessings that occurred. I will be with you the next time!! LOVE YOU!

  6. Jamie Nygaard

    Oh Marla I’m SOOO happy for you and that you are having such a great time! I am praying for you and am SO excited to see how God is working in your life!

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