calling all homeschoolers!

Well, that title is a little misleading, because you certainly don’t have to be a homeschooler to give me a hand here.

First of all, I want to thank all of you who donated math books (3 grades of Saxon math books for FREE!), paid for workbooks, and gave to the Cambodia Educational Scholarship Fund (for lack of a better name). THANK YOU!!

I e-mailed Quenie the good news and pretty much forced her (as much as I can do over e-mail with someone whose primary language isn’t English and whom I’ve never met) to give me a list of some more things she could use in her school.

Because you know what hurts my heart? The fact that some precious teachers and children in Cambodia have to scrape by on the barest of books and materials when we have a wealth of them here that we could share.

And you know what fills my heart with JOY? The fact that my family gets the amazing honor of hand-delivering some of those books and materials that so many of you have generously decided to share. SO EXCITING!!

Here’s a list of some things Quenie would love to have for her school. I’m hoping to find some schoolteachers and/or homeschoolers who might have some of this stuff, be finished with it, and want to send it on a little mission around the globe.

I’m also hoping that some of you will have some advice as to what might be best (some of these are just general ideas, not specific texts) to take.

1. Science curriculum with a creation emphasis. (Anyone know a good one? Quenie said right now their science curriculum consists of articles they find online. Would love to bless her with something more comprehensive and Bible-based.)

2. Music curriculum for Grades 1-3. (Quenie said she’d love to teach her kids about musical notes and symbols but doesn’t know where to start.)

3. Inflatable globes for geography. Thank you, Mindi!

4. Alphabet and number posters. (My friend Ruthie in Cambodia said you can find posters in Phnom Penh–much better than trying to fit them in a suitcase! We’re going to go school shopping with her while we’re there!)

5. Math manipulatives.

6. Used CDs of Christian songs for kids (for their Sunday School program). Edit: I have 3 different Cedarmont Kids CD’s now. If anyone has any different ones, let me know.

7. A devotional book for Quenie (She’s been using the same one since 2007 and said God teaches her new things each year, but she would love a new one. Anyone have a favorite to recommend?) Thank you, Mindi!

8. A men’s devotional for her husband Narin. (again, any recommendations?) Thank you, Mindi!

Isn’t this list just so much fun?? So, here’s what I need you to do. If you can help at all in any way (recommendations, know where to find some of this, want to donate it, want to donate $ to buy it, whatever), leave a comment or e-mail me.

And you can absolutely still donate to Narin and Quenie’s Scholarship Fund so more Cambodian kiddos can go to school.

Thank you, friends!! You’re such a blessing!!

20 thoughts on “calling all homeschoolers!

  1. Tarah

    Apologia, Apologia and Apologia……for science. Their elementary courses/books are AMAZING. And those books can be used across a variety of ages. I learned alot when I did them with my kids. (we’ve done astronomy, flying creatures of the 5th day, and the plants one) Can’t say enough good about them. Totally worth the money.

  2. Mindi

    I have ordered the following and am having them shipped directly to you (I have your address from an email you sent me when I recently ordered a book):

    2 devotional books: Jesus Calling (per recommendation above) and Streams in the Desert
    CDs for kids: the Cedarmont Kids Classics collection: Action Bible Songs, Bible Songs, and Sunday School Songs
    3 inflatable globes

    Blessings to you for collecting and delivering all of this!

  3. Emily M.

    I’m putting a check in the mail to you for the scholarship fund. Check made out to you, I’m assuming? And I’m pretty sure I have your address…I’ll email you if I can’t find it.

  4. valerie

    My new favorite devotional is Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. So intimate, so personal, and it makes you look up the scripture references yourself, which I love. 😉

  5. Ann O'nymous

    The “Exploring Creation with….” science series by Dr. Jay Wile is amazing. We weren’t big science lovers growing up, then we started using Dr. Wile’s books. I went from a science hater to someone who did 2 years of science each year because I wanted to learn all I can. My sister is now pursuing a doctorate in physics because of Dr. Wile’s influence. He writes great educational books, but the best part is how he continually and naturally brings it back to our amazing Creator. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop reading and sit in awe of God’s amazing designs.

  6. Melissa Irwin

    I’d love to make a recommendation. I wish I could do more..

    We are studying astronomy called: “Exploring Creation with Astronomy”. Apologia – Young Explorer Series. Apologia does many different Science books – and they are WONDERFUL!!! Everything is entertwined with God as the creator of all things. It’s just a beautiful study…and very thorough. Good for all age groups.

      1. arminda

        Just popping in to say that we also LOVE Apologia. 🙂 We are using the Astronomy one this year and my son LOVES it! 🙂 I’m a science geek myself so I’m enjoying it as well haha.

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