bringing hope to hard places {day 6 of 31}

This month is all about CONNECTION, and today I want to connect your heart (and checkbook) to some amazing folks on the other side of the globe.

Yesterday I shared this video of our friends in Cambodia who are taking Jesus seriously by loving the poor and helping set the oppressed and captives free. Their story is amazing, and the work they are doing is so Spirit-filled.

Here it is again if you didn’t get a chance to watch it yet:


Here’s a run-down of the MONTHLY expenses at the Boys’ Center:

    •    $60–180 gallons of purified water for the boys and staff.
    •    $90–water and electricity for their 4-story building.
    •    $50–first aid supplies.
    •    $90–24/7 hotline to be operational and answered by a Khmer staff member.
    •    $45–cleaning supplies (toilet paper, trash bags, dish soap, floor cleaner, etc).
    •    $75–office and craft supplies.
    •    $80–snack for Kids Club program.
    •    $30–small prizes to give out as students progress in English classes.
    •    $150–gas for tuktuk (takes boys to doctor, pays bills, picks up boy who can’t walk, etc).
    •    $1,700–rent for their amazing building.
    •    $3,150–to pay fair, honest salaries to their 16 amazing Khmer staff members.

From my friend, Yvonne: Each month there are also miscellaneous expenses related to social work, staff medical insurance and staff training and care. In the past 3 weeks we’ve taken a boy (9) to a specialist for a $180 brain MRI which confirmed he does not have rabies from the dog that bit him! Another boy (2), had to have a $150 surgery to drain fluid. We spent $65 for our staff to receive training from a partner organization about how to recognize if a person is using drugs and how to help them.

Phew! All this can seem overwhelming at times, especially when looking at the big picture, but as I break it down it becomes much more manageable.  It has been such a rewarding journey of faith as we continue to trust God with every need and every penny that comes our way.

The folks at Hard Places would also LOVE to be able to feed these boys lunch every day, but that costs money. And there’s a Girls’ Center (Prook Thmey) in the works as well (which means more financial need, more staff needs).

And if you do the math, the average staff member at the Punlok Thmey earns $197/month. I’ve seen how hard these young adults work, and even though a little goes a long way in Cambodia, I know Hard Places would LOVE to be able to pay them more. Some of them are barely able to support their families on their meager salaries.

Friends, I ask you to prayerfully consider giving a one-time gift to the Hard Places Community, or better yet, supporting them on a monthly basis. Even $10/month would be so huge. And if a bunch of us do it, WOW. Imagine the impact those dollars could have.

You can give online here. And I would love to answer any questions you might have. Thank you so, so much. SO MUCH.

7 thoughts on “bringing hope to hard places {day 6 of 31}

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  6. Kim

    Oh Marla, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I just couldn’t take my eyes off this video. Seeing the sweet faces of staff and children who I miss so much brought sadness to my heart and joy to my heart, all at once. Thank you for sharing, and I am praying with you that Cambodia is changed for the next generation by these very special children. As for those at Punlok Thmey who may be reading this…. thank you isn’t enough. We praise God for you and your hearts. As Alli said in the video, YOU have the Holy Spirit, and THAT is enough. Bless you all.

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