boat rides and fried chicken

Again, I sit here a little bit speechless and a lot bit overwhelmed. What an amazing day. Breakfast at 7:30, left for the Orussey Market at 8:30. Unbelievable. The sights, the smells, the colors, the booths, the people. I so wish we would’ve been able to take pictures, because wow.

We bought gifts (toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, soap, washcloths, yogurt drink boxes and candy) for the 120 kids/disabled adults who live at the state-run orphanage. We’ll go there tomorrow with a gift bag for each one, and Gabe will share a brief story about the good news of Jesus (with a translator). After spending time with “our” orphans, we know it’s going to be hard to see what these kids’ lives are like in a basically loveless, hopeless environment.

Please pray for these precious children who are so loved by God and don’t realize it. Pray that the Spirit will fill Gabe with just the right words to speak to their little hearts.

We spent quite a big chunk of time before and after lunch assembling 120 gift bags and then organizing everything we brought for our orphanage, the other 3 Asia’s Hope orphanages and the school that Jen and her teammates are starting this fall.

At 2:30, we left for the river where we took an 80-minute ride in a big ol’ boat with all the kiddos from the orphanage. Oh my word. We had a blast. Laughing, singing, game-playing. I can’t wait to show you pictures! They’d never been on a boat ride before, and they were just pumped. It was everything we could have hoped for and then some. Wowzers.

After the boat ride, we headed to a place in the mall called BB King’s (or something) where all 33 of crammed into 2 huge, long tables and ate fried chicken, fries, Coke and ice cream. The kids were in heaven and so were we.

Then back to the guest house for some debriefing and planning for tomorrow. Jen gently warned us that we’ve gotten a delightful taste of the good and wonderful, and then we’re going to ease into the hard stuff, starting with the state-run orphanage and then the work Jen is doing with sex trafficking.

The poverty here is overwhelming. My heart aches when I think of how much we have and how much they need here. I have lots of questions in my mind and heart about what God wants from me and how he wants me to help the poor and oppressed.

And I’m so hot and tired that I’m not sure any of what I’ve written has made sense. Hopefully.

Love you guys! Thanks for praying!

6 thoughts on “boat rides and fried chicken

  1. Kaye

    Praying for your entire team!
    Please tell Gabe I’ve sent him a ‘help’ message via his blog:)
    Thanks so much.
    Blessings to all of you for your entire trip. Spread HIS word like ‘wildfire’:)
    With His Love,
    Matthew 21:22

  2. Rhonda

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Sounds so awesome and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m keeping you in my prayers and I’ll be praying for those precious children too.

  3. Ali

    (Your post made sense. I mean the fact that kids live in such terribly sad conditions – I wish that made sense. Geesh, I must be hot and tired, too, because now I’m not making sense).

  4. Ali


    Thankful that y’all get to bless our kids and the kids at the state-run orphanage.

    I just wish it all made sense. Love and hugs.

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m sitting here imagining how thrilled those kids are to have you there, and the looks on their faces. And how thrilled you are to be with them. I’m glad you’re starting with the good stuff, and praying that God will prepare you for the difficult things. I know He will.

  6. Lisa

    The gift of laughter. Somehow I think that’s one of the things those beautiful kids need the most. Praying hard that God shows up BIG today. Much love to you, Marla!

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