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Super-excited today to share some goodies from Cambodia and Thailand with you (at a deliciously reasonable cost). If you’ve bought stuff from me before, you know how it goes. Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail telling me what you want, and the first offer gets the worm (or the scarf, as it were).

Here’s today’s scoop: some of the items are from an amazing organization called Daughters of Cambodia. Daughters helps women leave the sex trade and find honorable work making bags/jewelry, giving manicures, running a cafe/coffee shop. The Daughters (fair trade) merchandise is priced according to how much I bought it for, and I’ll just pay myself back when you buy it from me.

The rest of the items are from various markets in Phnom Penh and Chiang Mai (Thailand). These items are not necessarily fair trade, but hopefully they helped the merchants I bought them from in at least a small way. For these items, I’m marking up the price a bit and giving the proceeds to some of my favorite ministries in Cambodia and Thailand (I’ll be sharing more about those in the weeks to come).

After seeing firsthand what God is doing in SE Asia, it’s such a privilege to be able to give to those who are sharing the gospel and loving the poor.

I’ll figure out shipping based on what you order. FREE shipping on orders over $30.

Got it? Here we go! (in order from most expensive to least expensive)

SOLD OUT. Set #1: Super-Duper Soft (and Gorgeous) Scarves from the Chiang Mai Night Market. $12 each.

Each scarf is taller (longer) than me and about 12 in. wide. They’re warm enough to be a “coat” scarf and light enough to be a “shirt” scarf. And I, who rarely (okay never) wear a decorative scarf have worn mine (I have a gray one but with the little thingies hanging off like the blue one in the middle) at least six times since we’ve been back from Cambodia. 

SOLD OUT. Set #2: Fabulous printed scarves from Chiang Mai Night Market. $10 each.

These are also as tall as me, but considerably wider than the ones above. I’m not a good eye-measurer, but maybe 18 in. wide? Very, very pretty. And in case you can’t tell, the one on the left is dark brown/cream, the middle one is black/cream, and the last one is cream with black/gray accents.

SOLD OUT. Set #3: Shoulder bags from the Russian Market in Phnom Penh. $7 each.

These two-sided bags are super-versatile with 5 separate pockets. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the bags are approximately 8 in. wide and 10 in. tall. The one on the bottom right is a little bit smaller than the rest. EDIT: Elephant bag (top left) & polka-dot bag & flowered bag SOLD.

SOLD OUT. Set #4: 100% Cotton Hand-Woven Scarves from Chiang Mai Night Market. $6 each.

These aren’t as soft as the super-soft ones in the first set, but they’re not scratchy, and they are soooo pretty. The colors are amazing (and thanks to Gabe’s awesome photography, they look just like they do in the picture) and vibrant. You should probably get 2 or 3.

Set #5: Pretty pencil pouches from Daughters. $6.50 each. EDIT: Gray pencil pouch SOLD. Top 2 left. COIN PURSES SOLD OUT. Cute coin purse keychains from Daughters. $3 each.

I got the girls each a pencil pouch on our last trip to Cambodia, and they use them anytime we go anywhere to keep all their pens, pencils, and markers in. They’re also great for carrying “feminine products” (you know, like gum and money). And the coin purses are just plain fun. Perfect to keep a quarter in for a cart at ALDI.

SOLD OUT. Set #6: Super-Trendy Recycled Rice Bag Zipper Pouches from Russian Market, Phnom Penh. $6 each.

These might be my favorite souvenir from our trip. I love that they’re made from recycled rice bags, and I love the 2 pockets, and I love the colors, and I love the size (a teensy bit smaller than 4x6in). 

SOLD OUT. Set #7: “Love the World” bracelets from Daughters. $5 each.

These are not really called “Love the World” bracelets, but I like to pretend that those beautiful turquoise beads are actually globes. The round buttons are made of coconut shells–cool, no? And I think they’d make a beautiful, practical reminder to pray for people around the world. Oh, and I have FIVE of them. Woot!

Set #8: Panda over-the-shoulder pouches from Chiang Mai. $4 each. Panda Bags SOLD OUT. Little Zippies from Chiang Mai Night Market. $3 each.

The panda bags are a little touristy-looking for me, but I think they’d be fun for kids. They’re about 4×6 inches. And I love the little zippies with all their different colors and patterns. They’re probably 3×4 inches. Some are a little smaller, some a little bigger.

There you go! Let the fun begin! (And to be fair to my work-during-the-day friends, I’ll be posting a similar sale next week sometime in the evening.)

Don’t forget. Leave a comment or e-mail me if you’re interested in something, and I’ll update frequently as things are sold. Free shipping on orders over $30.

Thanks for blessing some awesome folks serving Jesus (and the poor) in Cambodia and Thailand!

32 thoughts on “bloggy bazaar!

  1. Beth in Baltimore

    Is there a Panda bag left? If so, I’ll take it and one of the larger zippies. My daughter is a Panda fanatic and I could use a change purse…..

        1. Jessica

          Oh love the idea or even just adding a little to the total amount as a donation would be good too even if you can only afford a few dollars more

          1. Martin

            You know what? I like that idea too! Send me another link and I’ll pay again for my purchase. That way the ministry gets more of a blessing!

  2. Elizabeth

    Here’s my order (I need lots of bday gifts the next few months): 2 rice bag zipper pouches (you choose, they’re for middle school age girls), 3 Hand-Woven Scarves from Chiang Mai (2nd on top row and 1st and 3rd on bottom row). Yay!

      1. Alicia

        I’m picking up my kids from preschool and my phone is not cooperating with your email address. I’ll shoot you an email when I get home.

  3. whimzie

    May I have the olive green and gray scarves in picture 1?
    Also, the pinkish mauve (second on second row) in picture 4?
    And 2 rice recyclable pouches? The pink and whatever you choose?

    Love you.

  4. Sharon

    And I’d better get one of the scarves in the first picture. If I get to choose, I’d love the very first one, the blue one up top. Okay, I think I’m good!

  5. shelly a

    Gorgeous1 set#4 the purple one please. (And I think they’re woven, not knit, but I could be wrong.) Also a little zippy, you choose which one. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Sharon

    I need one of those little zippies. Seriously was looking for one at the Dollar store the other day. Glad I didn’t find one! Let me know how much the total is w/shipping.

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