bloggy bazaar, take two! (for the night owls)

Wowza! That was some awesome buying and selling this morning (and all the way into the afternoon). Thanks to everyone who bought stuff to bless Cambodia and Thailand! As promised, I have a second round of goods for my friends who can’t get to the computer during the work day (you don’t have to have a 9 to 5 job to participate though).

Here’s a quick repeat of the scoop:

Super-excited today to share some goodies from Cambodia and Thailand with you (at a deliciously reasonable cost). If you’ve bought stuff from me before, you know how it goes. Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail telling me what you want, and the first offer gets the worm (or the scarf, as it were). Make sure you keep refreshing the blog, because I’ll update what’s sold.

Some of the items are from two amazing organization called Daughters of Cambodia and Kingdom Kreations. They help women leave the sex trade and find honorable work making bags/jewelry, giving manicures, running a cafe/coffee shop. The Daughters/KK (fair trade) merchandise is priced according to how much I bought it for, and I’ll just pay myself back when you buy it from me.

The rest of the items are from various markets in Phnom Penh and Chiang Mai (Thailand). These items are not necessarily fair trade, but hopefully they helped the merchants I bought them from in at least a small way. For these items, I’m marking up the price a bit and giving the proceeds to some of my favorite ministries in Cambodia and Thailand (I’ll be sharing more about those in the weeks to come).

After seeing firsthand what God is doing in SE Asia, it’s such a privilege to be able to give to those who are sharing the gospel and loving the poor.

I’ll figure out shipping based on what you order. FREE shipping on orders over $30.

SOLD OUT. Set #1: Fabulous printed scarves from Chiang Mai Night Market. $10 each. Super-soft scarves (also from Chiang Mai) $12 each.

I posted a few of these this morning, and they sold out in about a minute.

SOLD OUT. Set #2: 100% Cotton Hand-Woven Scarves from Chiang Mai Night Market. $6 each.

These aren’t as soft as the super-soft ones in the first set, but they’re not scratchy, and they are soooo pretty. The colors are amazing (and thanks to Gabe’s awesome photography, they look just like they do in the picture) and vibrant. You should probably get 2 or 3.

SOLD OUT. Set #3: Elephant Zippy Pouches from Russian Market, Phnom Penh. $4 each.

These little cuties are about 3 x 4 inches big and bright, colorful, and whimsical. (The two in the middle are more 3D.) LOVE.

Set #4: Burlap Flower Pouches and Fish Purses. $6 each. Fish purses SOLD OUT. Red/pink pouch SOLD.

The flower ones are about 4×8 inches, and the stinkin’ cute fish are a little smaller.

SOLD OUT. Set #5: Wooden beaded bracelets from Russian Market in Phnom Penh. $4 each. EDIT: 5 bracelets left.

Love these. So pretty. Each one is different.

SOLD OUT. Set #6: More! 100% Cotton Hand-Woven Scarves from Chiang Mai Night Market. $6 each. EDIT: Only one left. Top row, 2nd from right.

SOLD OUT. Set #7: Patterned ID Wallets from Kingdom Creations, Phnom Penh. $5 each.

I really, really, really like these. Made of very durable material and so bright and colorful. There’s a separate pouch with a clear window for your ID to show through, and then you can keep cash/coins in the back pocket. (They’re about 3×4 inches big.) 

Set #8: Washer earrings from Daughters. $5. SOLD. Washer bracelets from Daughters. $6. Love the World bracelet. $5. SOLD.

These are sooo cool, and we got to watch the girls making them. Talk about talent!

SOLD OUT. Set #9: Traditional Cambodian Scarves from Rajana Crafts (another fair trade shop). $5 each. EDIT: first 4 SOLD.

You’ll see this kind of scarf everywhere in Cambodia. And people wear them in all sorts of ways–for decoration, for practical purposes, even as curtains and bed decor. Versatile.

Set #10: Wallets from Kingdom Creations (on left). $6 each. Wallets SOLD OUT. Cell phone cases. $4 each. Gecko pouch from Rajana. $6.

Set #11: Sweet banners from Daughters. Red/white banner. $10 each. One red/white banner left. Yellow/white banner. $7.

The red/white banner is about 10 feet long, and the triangles are about 6 inches tall. The yellow/white one is about 7 feet long and 2 inches tall.

There you go! Let the fun begin!

Don’t forget. Leave a comment or e-mail me if you’re interested in something, and I’ll update frequently as things are sold. Free shipping on orders over $30.

Thanks for blessing some awesome folks serving Jesus (and the poor) in Cambodia and Thailand!

53 thoughts on “bloggy bazaar, take two! (for the night owls)

  1. janelle

    rajan scarf – 2nd from right
    top right , middle bottom – elephant zipper thing…
    ( to remember you guys riding elephants….)
    chiang mai night….. light brown top row

  2. cyndee

    1.) The top right scarf from set 2 $6
    2.) The green purse with the pink elephant from set 3 $4
    3.)The red/pink burlap flower pouch $6
    4.) All the wood bead bracelets you have left (5?) $4 each

    Let me know my total and the details to get the money to you!

  3. Anne Fickel

    Hey!! Cool!!
    OK. Scarves From Set 2, I would like the bottom right. Turquoise/brownish stripe And from Set 6, I would like white one and the one on the other side of the olive green one. 🙂


      1. Jennifer Dovenbarger

        washer earrings, brown/blue wallet
        and do you still have shoulder bags? i’ll take bottom right if there is a choice… or any that is left.

          1. Jennifer Dovenbarger

            whew… this is some cutthroat shopping.. ha ha. i’ll take the washer earrings and a shoulder bag if there is one left. i’m off to bed so i’ll check email in morning to see how to pay

  4. Sharon


    You are killing me, you brought back so many cute things! Have you shipped the orders from this morning yet? If not, can I add to mine? (I’ll paypal you the cost of the new items). If so, I’d love 2 of the wooden beaded bracelets, you choose which ones. And I’d love the brown traditional $5 scarf.

      1. Sharon

        This morning someone named John put a challenge out there for people who could afford to, to pay double what they owe for their goodies since Marla always sells things super cheap (which she does so more people can participate). If you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, will you take the challenge? If you can’t pay double, maybe you can just add a few bucks.

      1. Steph Davis

        Miss you too! And I should probably just go to Chiang Mai so I can buy my own awesome scarves. That’s good logic, right?

  5. jeremy reger

    Jayme wants a fishy purse, if the fishy purse is gone the pink and green elephant purse.

    The bottom left floral ID wallet.

    (if you have any of the floral scarfs left one of those too) The floral black one..

  6. Holly

    Okay….would like the red white floral and black scarf on the first set…..and one of the fishy purses. 🙂 Thanks!

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