be. still. my. heart.

My friend Jen gave me one of the hugest blessings of my entire life today. Don’t know if you remember this:

Just four days after we got home from Cambodia another group left for a trip there with Asia’s Hope. Our friend Holly’s mom, Judy, offered to deliver letters to Jen to take to our kiddos at the orphanage.

Gabe, Livi, Ava and I each wrote a letter to each kiddo. And printed out a picture of each of them with either me or Gabe. And we scrounged around our house to find jewelry, stickers, and any other trinkets that were reasonably flat to stick in each kid’s envelope. The girls gave up some stuff that was pretty special to them (and so did I), and we loved every second of it.

Then our friend Doug wrote letters to each kiddo and printed off pics of him with them. Then our friend Sharon found out about it at the last minute and drove some letters over as well (to Judy’s house, not Cambodia).

The envelopes were delivered safely to Jen (praise the Lord!) but she had been exposed to a nasty eye infection and wasn’t able to see the kiddos for awhile. This past weekend, she went out to the orphanage (40-minute drive from her apartment) and took a translator with her.

She took pictures and shared about the kids’ excitement here. I cried. And read it about 5 more times.

Our girls were playing with a friend when I first saw Jen’s post, then we went to a pool party and now they’re in bed, and I forgot to tell them about it. I cannot wait to show them the pics tomorrow. To see those beautiful kiddos holding our cards and wearing that jewelry and putting our letter stickers all over their fingernails?

Seriously. I’ve never felt so complete inside my heart.

I was made for this. God, show me what you want from me next.

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  1. Zach Gifford

    It’s simply amazing, isn’t it, when God uses you in a way that just blows your mind. As I’ve been reading and following your Cambodia stories, I’m reminded of just how incredible it is to be right in the center of where God wants you, doing what he’s called and MADE you to do.

    You’re doing good work here, Marla. Keep it up.

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