anything that can go wrong…

Disclaimer: feel free to skip this entire post. I had a rough day full of absolutely NOTHING going right and absolutely EVERYTHING going wrong, and I just need to write it all out as therapy, so I have the strength to get up and face tomorrow.

An alternative title to this post: first world problems. Because the list of frustrations I’m getting ready to spew? Are all completely lame and mild compared to, well, pretty much everything. But they’re wearing me flat OUT.

I’d start at the beginning if I remembered when that was. Instead I’m just going to back up a couple weeks to when Ava and I sat in the car fix-it waiting room for AGES (close to two hours) so we could get four new tires and stop the dangerous hydro-planing every time it rains. We also got the lightbulb replaced on the left rear brake light that had been out for ages. (Hold that thought.)

Last week I was feeling the Cambodia Crunch and frantically ran errands, trying to fit everything in. On Wednesday I met with some friends who have been to Cambodia (one lives there), then hurried to Target with a list that totaled over $150, which was fine because it was almost all for Cambodia, and I happened to have a “spend $150, get a $15 gift card.” Long story short, they were out of some of the stuff I needed, and my total came to $120. I couldn’t justify spending $30 more just to get $15 free, so I didn’t.

Two days later, I spent $50 at another Target. (p.s. I needed 2 of something at the first Target, and they only had 1, so I tried the other Target and was told “we don’t carry that.” Awesome.)

Other issues: a 90-minute wait at the Kroger pharmacy. A $50 “just in case someone gets sick in Cambodia” prescription I thought would be free. Our left brake light went out again. I bought extra creamy cool whip for Livi’s birthday ice cream cake (that I’ve made a million times) and instead of freezing, it was an ooey gooey mess.

Which brings us to today.

Gabe called the car fix-it place, and they told him to bring in the van at his convenience. I went in at 11ish and they said I could be waiting 45 minutes to an hour. I had 2 more errands to run and didn’t have much time before Nina needed to be on the bus. Left.

Went to Office Max (biiig miscommunication between the clerk and the guy in front of me–holy cow). Went to the grocery store–all good until the weigher broke at the check-out. Went to the post office. Construction. Couldn’t use the entrance. Detour. Mail a package and some letters. Head home. Remember that I forgot to stop our mail.

Rush lunch to get Nina on the bus. Back to the post office. “You can stop your mail for a maximum of 30 days.” How about 35? The lady said they probably won’t notice it’s more than 30. The guy says I should go to the post office in person and explain (the p.o. I’m at is not the one that delivers my mail–of course it’s not).

Head back to the car fix-it shop. Sit and wait. “The socket was loose.” Fabulous.

Go to the bank to get a lot of money out. Try to get $1000 from the ATM. Denied. Try $500. Denied. Go inside. Ask for a million 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s. Small bills are best in Cambodia. And they can’t be ripped or old. The crisper and newer the better.

Get home and go through the bills. Many, many ripped ones. Have to exchange them tomorrow. As well as cash 25 (TWENTY-FIVE) checks for ONE DOLLAR each–Gabe’s Christmas present from my brother-in-law, Daniel. There are 3 brothers-in-law and a brother on my side of the family. We four girls exchange names and do handmade gifts. The guys try to outdo each other with their $25. $25 in pennies, $25 gold dollars individually wrapped. $25 one-dollar-bills folded into Chinese stars. And this year, 25 one-dollar checks.

Found out from our friend Jen that our visas in Cambodia will only be good for 30 days. The good news is, we don’t have to file for an extension because we’re leaving Cambodia on January 2 and heading to Thailand. The bad news? We’ll have to get 5 more 30-day visas when we get back to Cambodia on January 6. And we need 2 extra passport photos. (Hold that thought.)

I had gone to Walgreens yesterday to pick up a photo order (everyone we met in Cambodia last year LOVED it when we gave them a family photo, so we got a ton more printed this year). It wasn’t there. I got home, checked my computer, I hadn’t pressed the final “submit.”

Made a family date to go to Walgreens for “quick” passport photos tonight, pick up the pics, back home for a “leisurely” evening. The family photos were ready. The passport photos? Mine, Gabe’s, and Nina’s were fine. Livi’s and Ava’s got stuck. A good 45 minutes later, they told us it was a no go and sent us to another Walgreens. Gabe stops at RedBox on the way out but doesn’t get a movie. “They had The Help,” he says in the car. “I’ll watch it with you.” This is big. I never watch movies. “We’ll get it at the other Walgreens.”

Get to the other one. “Our photo lady is on break.” We’ll wait. She comes out, takes the photos, it’ll be 10 minutes, I’ll call you. 20 minutes later we ask how things are going. “They’re stuck. I think you jinxed my machine.” Well, of course I did. 20 more minutes later, “I found the problem. There’s another order stuck in there. It’s going now, but it’s 97 photos.” How long will that take? “I’d say 20-25 minutes.” We’ll come back tomorrow.

And of course The Help is out of stock at that RedBox, so we go back to the other one.

And that’s it for now, because 1000 words. Wow. I’m off to try to stay awake for a whole movie.

Up tomorrow/Friday: a tentative Cambodia itinerary and how you can pray.

9 thoughts on “anything that can go wrong…

  1. Sharon

    Oh Marla! How could so many things go wrong in one day?? I am so sorry! But, I think it means good things are on the way and the enemy was just trying to discourage you. Praying that today goes smoother than humanly possible. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  2. beth lehman

    what a mess!!! definately first world problems… but so hard to keep upbeat on days like that! praying for you all.

  3. Betsy

    One thing at a time, it will all get done. Breathe and repeat. Maybe we’ll all just pray for the days before the trip too!

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