almost there!!

Hi, friends! Coming to you live from Taipei, Taiwan! Thanks for praying us this far! Just a little bit left on our journey to Cambodia. In a little over an hour, we’ll be in a little hopper plane heading to Phnom Penh. Jen is meeting us at the airport and might have a few of the kiddos with her! Wooohooo!!

Saying good-bye to our kiddos wasn’t easy, but it was good. They’re wonderful and beautiful and in GREAT hands, and I know our relationship with them will be all the sweeter when we get home.

The three flights so far weren’t bad. I love our team, and we’re meshing well. All very different, all love to laugh, all love Jesus, all ready for whatever God has planned for us.

The huge plane from SF to Taipei brought back amazing memories from my trip in 1997 to Okinawa, Japan. I was with my friend Rachel, and we were two clueless college students heading to a foreign land to student teach for three months. I really have a sense that this 2nd trip to Asia is going to give even more meaning to that first one. I can’t really explain it, and I’m awfully sleep-deprived, but hopefully I’ll elaborate on it more later.

Oh! And we flew right over Okinawa on our way here! I even got to see the lights from the Naha airport from the air. Sigh.

Well, my head is splitting open (that’s a prayer request–I can’t seem to shake this, not sure if it’s related to my neck/shoulder or lack of caffeine and/or sleep or what). And that was quite a run-on parenthetical statement.

Can I just thank all of you ONE MORE TIME for your love and encouragement and prayers? I’m really having a hard time wrapping my mind around all of you and your wonderfulness. And OUR GOD. Wow.

Love and hugs!! Talk to you soon!

11 thoughts on “almost there!!

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  2. Jamie Nygaard

    Oh wow! Your there!! I have been HORRIBLE about keeping up with your blog….but I am going to be ALL over your blog now! I can’t WAIT to hear more!!! Praying for you!

  3. sarah m

    I was so happy to see an update, I have been praying for you often and so glad to hear you’ve had safe travels thus far. Soak it all in Marla, this is going to be a trip of a lifetime! I’m sure God has wonderful things in store! Praying….

  4. Holly V.

    SOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear from you! Continuing to pray for your safety and your neck injury. Love you and Gabe.

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