a good, good day

Today I tackled a 2-foot-high pile of dishes, ran some errands, delivered a birthday banner to sweet Anne, took a walk in the muddy woods with 4 girls, slurped a free McDonald’s Frappe, jogged for a bit, and pulled some freak muscle in my arm.

And I got to witness some people being exceedingly kind to others. And it was cool.

And after a very, very long time on the phone, I got an appointment for Gabe and me for tomorrow morning for some Hep A, Typhoid and Tetanus shots. My poor hubby isn’t going to sleep tonight. I keep trying to tell him it’ll be fine, and he keeps mumbling about epidural needles. That’s the last needle he saw, I guess–the big ol’ thing that went in my back eight years ago next month.

I told him the typhoid needle was twice that big.

Anyway. Here are a few more things I’m selling to raise money for our Cambodia trip. All the items from yesterday sold. Woooohoooo!!! Thank you, Val, Melissa, Anne, Rachelle and Kelly!!

ITEM #1. Another beautiful necklace. ($18 including U.S. shipping)

SOLD! (Thank you, Holly!)

ITEM #2: Adult and child matching aprons ($55 including U.S. shipping).

SOLD! (Thank you, The-Marla-That-Is-Not-Me!)

Yes, only the child-sized one is shown. The adult one is exactly like it but for someone big(ger). And the fabric is a deep brown and a beautiful blue, if you can’t tell.

ITEM #3. A Celebrate Banner! ($28 including U.S. shipping)

SOLD! (Thank you, Kelly Zoo-Girl!)

Super cool, because you can use it for anything–birthday, anniversary, holidays, new job, new baby, new boyfriend. The sky’s the limit! (And it looks even better in front of a couch that isn’t 60 years old.)

ITEM #4: Another black-and-white apron! ($28 including U.S. shipping)

SOLD! (Thank you, Sabrina!)

ITEM #5: A beautiful pink-and-brown apron ($25 including U.S. shipping).

SOLD! (Thank you, Kelli!)

ITEM #6: 1 copy of Blushing Bride + 1 copy of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time ($5 including U.S. shipping).

Just click here to pay via PayPal. I can extend this offer to up to 8 people. Once I reach the limit, I’ll cross it off. Makes a great gift for baby/bridal showers this summer!

And a very special friend has graciously offered to donate one of these that I’ll sell at a super-special discount next week. If you have something you’d like to donate, let me know!

Thanks, friends! Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “a good, good day

  1. Daniel Basham

    I had to get the same shots when I went to Zambia last summer. I hate shots too, but they were seriously the most painless shots I have gotten. Not bad at all.

  2. Janelle

    Oh, I was hoping to claim the banner! I see Kelly beat me to it. Can I order a custom one? Did Bethany make these?

  3. Kelly, zoo girl

    First time I’ve been able to check the blog in a few days and the banner I want is still available! I would LOVE the Celebrate banner- perfect for my classroom and/or things at home.

  4. Holly V.

    I would like to buy the necklace, please! 🙂 It will guarantee that I will get to see you sometime before 2011. Haha.

    LOVE being able to help you with this trip!

  5. Marla Fletcher

    OOOO!!!! ME ME ME!!! I WANT IT!!!! The matching aprons!!!! My favorite colors together how can I resist and Brinley will love matching me in the kitchen!!!!!! PLEASE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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