a bit of a funk

Maybe it’s the tired talking, but I’m in a mood. Grouchy, feeling down, blah, blah, blah. It’s not PMS, not the post-Christmas blues, not sure what it is. We still love the Jenkinses (our families have meshed so beautifully–praise you, Jesus!). We’re on day 1 of a mini-vacation in Siem Reap. I’ve got no good reason to be singing the blues, but man.

I’m so thankful that Keri has picked up my blogging slack (here’s the beautiful post she wrote about our Christmas), because I just don’t seem to have it in me. So much to say, yet I feel paralyzed. We’ll be up at 4:00am to catch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, so no blogging in the morn.

Maybe it’s hitting me that we’re about halfway through our trip (and only spending one more week in Phnom Penh with our friends). Maybe I miss Phnom Penh (it’s so different here in Siem Reap so far, and I just don’t like it). Maybe the 6-hour bumpy bus ride did me in. Maybe I’m better at mission-tripping than I am at vacationing. Maybe I’ve got a lot on my heart and mind and need to figure out what to do with it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten an entire tarantula.

I would love your prayers that I can snap out of whatever this is and enjoy the rest of our time. And please pray that God will give me the words to share with all of you because he’s shown me a lot a lot a lot of stuff here and ways that all of us can make a huge difference.

I love you, friends. Thanks for being there.

20 thoughts on “a bit of a funk

    1. Marla Taviano

      Bless you, doll. Add some physical healing to your list if you would. Keri has fever/vomiting, Ava had an allergic reaction to a hot pepper at dinner (red all over her mouth/face), and I have some serious diarrhea. Sigh.

      1. Leigh

        I finished on Friday the 16th!!! Not looking at it again until I’m back in town, then the edits begin. And then putting together my book proposal. Eek!

  1. Megan

    It was bound to happen my friend. None of us has 5 straight weeks of a good mood :). Will be praying that you can snap out of it soon. I hope you are sleeping peacefully now (at 2am)!

      1. Ali

        I will pencil you all in! That way if you are comatose and unable to function, you don’t feel obligated to wake from your sweet Cambodia dreams. Regardless I’ll leave that Monday open. YAY!

  2. Sharon

    Perfect timing that this is my day to cover your family with extra prayer and I have a long drive ahead of me today. For some reason my toddler doesn’t like listening to music in the car (just everywhere else!) so the silence will be filled with prayer. Specifically for you, Marla.

  3. Holly B.

    I know that you know this, but here’s a reminder…
    Always expect spirtitual warfare, friend. Especially when God is doing such amazing stuff. Praying for God to help you to focus on Him alone, as that equals peace. Asking Him to wipe out fear, doubts, sin, unrest. Love you! Praying…

    “Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”
    -I John 4:4

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