Hi there, friend. If you’re here from Midday Connection, welcome! (The show airs at 1:00pm EST on Tuesday, January 21, so if you’re reading this before that time, you can catch the show live here. I’ll be on the 2nd half of the show.)

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and that was today’s Midday topic. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed and/or paralyzed, you’re not alone.

Trust me.

Hopefully, this post will calm your heart and reassure you that it’s easier than you think to make a difference. (Really truly.)

Tomorrow’s post will provide a more extensive list of resources to both educate yourself and get involved, but today I just want to share 10 Action Steps you can take to help fight human trafficking.

And it’s perfectly okay (and awesome) to just choose ONE of them right now.

Just one. You can totally do this. Like a guy named Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

You don’t have to do everything, all the things. You don’t even have to do most of the things. Just start with one thing. One.

But whatever you do, refuse to do nothing.

You ready? Here we go!

10 Simple Action Steps to Fight Human Trafficking:

1. Pray. Yes, prayer is an action step. And, by far, the most important one. You can pray for victims, for law enforcement, for rescuers, for the men who buy children for sex (this is a tough one), for wisdom about how you can help, for God to intervene. And if you don’t know what to pray, this wonderful booklet is a great place to start. (And here’s a really helpful list of things to pray.)

2. Donate $10 to The Hard Places Community. We spent a month with this organization in Cambodia two years ago and got to experience God working through them in the city of Phnom Penh. They (mostly Cambodians and a few Americans) are sharing the light of Jesus in a very dark place. ($10 is not a magic number. You can absolutely donate $5 or $6.50 or $100; just open that wallet and give something.)

3. Ask a friend to listen to today’s Midday Connection program and discuss it with you. This is not a fight we can fight alone. Having a friend get involved is such a blessing.

4. Watch (and share) this 5-minute video (IJM celebrates 15 years of Justice). IJM (International Justice Mission) is one of the best organizations out there, working with local law enforcement to free modern-day slaves around the globe.

5. Watch The Dark Side of Chocolate. And commit to buying Fair Trade chocolate. (Here’s a good post from my friend, Tsh, to get you started.)

6. Read We Dream of Cambodia: A Family Leaves Their Hearts on the Other Side of the Globe. This is an e-book I just released two weeks ago about our family’s trip to Cambodia. It’s available on Amazon, or I’d be happy to send you a free PDF if you just shoot me an e-mail here.

7. Get a few friends together in your city/town/neighborhood on April 6 and Walk Against Traffick for 10 miles. I’ll be sharing more details soon. Here’s a link (and here’s another) to the events we’ve done in the past.

8. Make something (a piece of jewelry/a scarf/a batch of chocolate chip cookies/a set of note cards/an ornament) or find something “valuable” around your house (books/picture frames/necklace/Pampered Chef stuff you never use/etc) and sell it on Facebook and give the money to an organization fighting human trafficking. Like this one. Or this one. Or this one. (My girls have started their own “business” called The Dancing Elephant, and they give all their proceeds to Cambodia.)

9. Buy a t-shirt from an organization like She Has a Name and wear it every time it’s clean. Great conversation starter.

10. Pray. I know I already used that one, but it’s super-duper important. Super. Duper.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Did one of those 10 catch your eye? Watch a video? Read a free e-book? A t-shirt? Sell something?

I’d love to hear from you. Either:

1. Which # you decided to go for.

2. What you’d add to the list.

See you back here tomorrow with an extensive list of resources for you to explore!

p.s. Moody Radio has put together a GREAT resource site called Free Them Today. Check it out!