wheelin' and dealin'

Good morning, friends! Thanks so much for your prayers (and gifts) for the teen mama (and her baby boy) in Cambodia. Please keep ’em coming! And I’ll keep you updated on how they’re doing.

I’ve got a fun deal for you today. My e-book, Once Upon the Internet, is part of the Bundle of the Week this week. It’s a Tech & Internet bundle: 5 e-books to help you get tech-savvy for just $7.40.

(And aspiring writers, this is a GREAT way to learn about what makes a good e-book, so you can write your own someday soon!)

Here’s my special deal:

If you share this Bundle of the Week link on Facebook and/or Twitter (and let me know), I’ll send you a FREE copy of ALL THREE of my e-books: Once Upon the Internet, The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky, and the Wife Life.


If you share the Bundle of the Week link on Facebook and/or Twitter AND buy a bundle yourself for $7.40, I’ll send you a FREE copy (hard copy!) of Is That All He Thinks About? or Expecting with FREE shipping. (AND the e-books!)

DUDE. That’s a stinking good deal!

Curious. What kind of books would you like to see in the Bundle of the Week?

One thought on “wheelin' and dealin'

  1. Michelle Ayala

    Awesome deal. I just put the link on my fb. Thanks! 🙂 Since you ask… a faith-based bundle of the week would be great. Or maybe something cooking-related? Have a great week!

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