too good to put down

I started reading a book this morning, and 218 pages later, I’m just about finished. I totally didn’t mean to skim more than a couple paragraphs when I opened the front cover, but I couldn’t help myself.

Oh my word. Like, oh my STINKING WORD.

I mean, I knew by the title (Consumer Detox: Less Stuff, More Life) that it was right up my alley, but who knew that it would be RIGHT UP MY ALLEY AND ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS??

I would love to blog about the book tonight, but I’ve been trying really hard (and failing) to be in bed by midnight. And I have 40 more pages to read and just 12 minutes left in my day.

This book is INCREDIBLE.

For one thing, I LOVE this kind of stuff. For another, God spoke to me in a BIG way lots and lots of times while I was reading it.

And the author is British and hilarious, which just put it over the top.

I’ll tell you all about it soon. I promise.

Have a great day! I’ll be zoo-ing it with friends and then making goodies for my 31 party. Everything’s 15% off, but you’ll have to order today!

7 thoughts on “too good to put down

  1. Elizabeth

    I already requested it:)

    You know, we’ve been living with significantly less stuff for almost three months now (75% of it is in storage) and I LOVE it. I forgot a few cooking essentials (a big pot to cook spaghetti in, a potato peeler) but we still have everything we need and so much more. And I never buy anything more than groceries (and not many of those at a time) b/c there’s no space. It’s been a learning experience, and a very necessary one, for us all.

  2. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    First of all, this book is totally up my alley, too, but I have never heard of it. So thank you for the heads-up!

    It’s funny – every morning, I open my inbox and immediately delete a bunch of junk. The two emails that didn’t get the fast delete this morning were this post from you and an email from Banana Republic announcing their limited edition Mad Men collection. Normally, I would have deleted that, too, but for some (stupid) reason, I’ve been feeling wholly dissatisfied with my clothes lately. So clearly, BR is the answer, right? *eye roll*

    It’s amazing how slowly and subtly consumerism can creep into the lives of even those who consciously push back against it. If you say this book is a good one, I know I’ll love it, too.

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