the wife life!!

I couldn’t help myself. I blogged about my new e-book, the Wife Life, on Thursday even though it wasn’t available yet on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

wifelifecoverwebBUT NOW IT IS!! Woot woot!

I would be ever-so-happy if you bought yourself a little copy for $2.99. And if you don’t have one of those fancy-schmancy reader thingies, I can give you a link to a pdf you can read on your computer. Just click here, donate $1.49 (half price!), and I’ll e-mail you the link.

And, remember, if you own a copy of Blushing Bride, you can have a pdf of the Wife Life for F-R-E-E. (e-mail me)

You can also have a copy for free if you promise to blog about it/tell all your friends about it on Facebook/Twitter.

And how about this? Buy a copy of the Wife Life from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes, then e-mail me, and I’ll give you a free copy of The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky or Once Upon the Internet (or both, if you ask nice).

Thanks for your love and support, friends! xoxoxoxo

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  4. Tara Eveland

    I did try to buy this right now to start reading on my iPad but my iTunes is having issues. So I thought I’d offer to read and review on my proverbs 31 blog, as I’ve been asked many times to blog or youtube and answer these types of questions lol. I’d love a PDF file of it to review for you!

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  22. Andrea

    I’m a single but so intrigued by the topic of marriage so I’ve read practically every book. I’m close to the end, and Marla really has a nice way of drawing you into the conversation. Many other books make people feel so judged and as if there is a standard they will never live up to. I thought she has such a great perspective on being real and vulnerable with sin and one another but also giving good growth prompts. I told some married and newly married friends to read it, but really, singles can get a lot out of it and I’m sure it would help give realistic expectations before getting down the aisle.

  23. Jacki

    Just wanted to let you know, I may have sent a smidge more than $1.49 to your paypal, but that was still what I wanted. I don’t have a fancy reader, but don’t wanna miss out! Thanks!

  24. Melene

    Hi! I paid the $1.49 via paypal for the pdf version of The Wife Life book yesterday. Will you email me the link to the email I gave here, please? I have a different email address with my paypal account. Thank you!

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  26. Laura

    I am LOVING the Wife Life! Ringing so true for me and we’re nearing our seven year anniversary. Your writing style is fun and easy to read! 🙂 I’ll be giving positive reviews all over the place very soon.

      1. Marie Baughman

        Ok, probably a very bizarre question, but what font did you use for the cover of your book and also for the bible verse on this site, etc…..

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