the suspense is killing me!!

So, my new e-book is releasing TODAY. (I can’t stop jumping up and down!!!!)

And everything is in place except for one tiny detail that’s completely out of my control. It’s not ready in the iTunes bookstore yet, and my web designer says, “No promotion until it’s available for the iPad folks.”

I’m dying over here, friends.

And I’ll give you a tiny hint (don’t tell Gabe!). And I promise this is not a ploy to create buzz for the book (although, how fun!). But let’s do a little sleuthing, shall we?

Here are the facts:
The book is an e-book.
I’m the author.
It’s not ready on iTunes.
Which means it IS ready at other places. (like…)

THE SECOND it’s available on iTunes, I’ll be right back here to let you know. Well, unless it happens between 10-12, because I’ll be busy getting a root canal.


Thanks for being excited with me, friends!!

45 thoughts on “the suspense is killing me!!

  1. Rachelle

    Yours will be my FIRST ebook! Got a Kindle for my birthday from someone I’m a little attached to and haven’t bought a thing.

    You’re the bomb! Hope the root canal went okay. My word when are you going to get boring?


    1. Marla Taviano

      HOORAY!! That makes me so happy! Let me know when you buy it, and I’ll celebrate with you!!

      And, um, to quote from my new e-book, “One of my biggest fears is being boring.” 🙂

  2. Joy

    “Once Upon… Amazon”! Going to go click that little button right now. I have been really good about NOT buying books on Amazon this month so I shall treat myself.

  3. Jennifer

    I read the whole thing last night – such a fun read! “Sometimes I wonder why we live in Ohio,” Gabe said, “when everywhere else is 5,000 times more beautiful.”

    Hilarious! 🙂

      1. Jennifer

        You know, I read this quote to Wes, and he responded with, “And THEN, they went to Oklahoma.” Indicating that Ohio has to be more exciting than Oklahoma. So, there you go. 🙂

  4. Sharon

    Just found it on Amazon – yay!!! Praying that your root canal goes well. Hopefully you’ll be on such a high from your new ebook release that the procedure won’t even phase you.

      1. Jennifer Ekstrand

        Digital Rights Management is a way to impose technical restrictions on how a file can be used, making it illegal to read the file on unauthorized devices (Fedral law makes circumventing DRM illegal, even if the reason for going around it would otherwise be acceptable).

        It makes it difficult to move from one reading platform to another. For example, I have a Nook now, but if it stopped working today, I would probably replace it with a Kobo instead, and I wouldn’t be able to move my Nook books over to it. (Incidentally, we think this is bad for publishers and authors as well as readers because vendor lock-in makes it hard for them to walk away from large vendors when crummy deals are on the table.) Since I use Linux, there isn’t an authorized Nook (or Kindle) application for my desktop.

        My husband and I aren’t planning on distributing bootleg copies to all our friends or anything; we just prefer being able to keep our books even if we change vendors.

          1. Jennifer Ekstrand

            It is probably impossible.

            It might be worth noting that DRM isn’t usually effective against technically savvy bad guys. It is known how to crack many DRM schemes (including Nook’s), so for those who don’t find “illegal” to be a deterent, the DRM isn’t really a problem. It might obstruct some casual copyright infringement though.

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