the poor e-book just needs a title!!

Oh, friends. I need your help. Pleeeeeeeeeeease help me. PLEASE.

Y’all know that my first book, From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife, went out of print a few years ago. And that I bought 2,200 copies from the publisher at a 90% discount (holy cow). I sold the last copy awhile back, and I decided to “resurrect” it as an e-book.

Except I really didn’t want to leave it as is. Because I just don’t love it anymore. And I’ve changed my mind about a lot of stuff.

And you’ll hear more about all of that when the new e-book is released.

The good news: IT’S DONE!!!

The bad news: I HAVE NO TITLE!!!

And I won’t won’t won’t use the original because it’s waaaaaaay too long. And besides, I’m just over it. And I need some more books with short titles. You know, like Expecting.

Can I ask you a favor? I have 3 tentative titles. Will you tell me which one you like best? OR give me one you thought up yourself??

1. Married Life.

2. The Wife Life.

3. Married!

And I think I’m set on this subtitle: Lovin’ Your Honey When the Honeymoon’s Over.

Ready, Set, VOTE!!

39 thoughts on “the poor e-book just needs a title!!

  1. valerie

    LOVE “Great Expectations”. I think “The Wife Life” sounds more like a marriage-help book and less like a bedroom-help book. Also love David’s suggestion: “After I Do”. Love the subtitle!

  2. Rebecca

    I life Wife Life and Great Expectations! 🙂 I also like Married Life and Not Alone. The subtitle is GREAT!!! Love it!

  3. Jeanine

    How about Wedded and Bedded? Anytime you put bed or sex in there, you know people buy a lot more copies:). Also, I love the subtitle.

  4. Cheryl Pickett

    Of those three, I like Wife Life and if you do like the great expectations thing, it’s okay to use, as people cannot copyright titles. That’s why there are tons of books called How to Train Your Puppy, or How to Start Knitting.

  5. Mary A

    I actually like what someone said about “Great Expectations” with your subtitle…because isn’t that what we all come into marriage with?? 🙂 Except that name is sorta already taken for a book I guess.

    The Wife Life!

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