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I got an e-mail last week from the editor who worked with me on Is That All He Thinks About? It’s been ages since we talked, and with my past history of books going out of print, I was a little concerned.

But it’s all good.

I wanted to let you know, he wrote, that the book is continuing to sell in very modest quantities (i.e., humble, limited, nothing to write home about), and we have gone to another printing. Not every deserving book get an extended life–as you, being a writer, know well–but this one is stemming the tide. Congratulations!

I have plenty of self-deprecating things I’d love to say here, but instead, I’ll accept his congratulations with a gracious spirit. And I am very, very, very thankful that this book is surviving. 1.) because I don’t have thousands of dollars to buy out the remaining stock if it goes out of print. And 2.) All joking/false humility aside, if the e-mails and in-person comments can be believed, this book has helped lots and lots and lots of marriages, all glory to God!

I had the privilege of speaking to a fun group of MOPS gals just this morning on Enjoying Sex with Your Husband. They were great and encouraging and shared some very honest prayer requests for their marriages that I’ve already started talking to God about.

I’m so thankful that I get to do stuff like this.

If you’re a married gal who hasn’t read the book, may I recommend you go buy it today? Just think–you could save your marriage, my book, and the trees (if you buy it for your Kindle, that is) all in one fell swoop!

While I’m tooting my own horn, my birthday is coming up (Halloween). Remember last year? All the Expecting books you donated to crisis pregnancy centers around the world? I want to do it again. And I’m collecting names/addresses/contact people for local pregnancy centers that you have a personal connection with, so let me know if you have one in mind.

Keeping Expecting alive and kicking is very, very, very important to me for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with my writing career. I’ll share more about that as my b-day gets a little closer.

So, anyway. Thanks. So much. If it wasn’t for all of you, my closet would be even fuller of boxes of my own books. It’s a good thing I don’t have a lot of shoes.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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