she's (halfway) here!!! (!!!!)

I just really love that feeling when you’ve poured your heart and soul and the proverbial (except-not-proverbial) sweat and tears into a book, and then it HITS THE SHELVES. Or people’s digital readers/phones/computers as the e-case may be.

It just feels so darn good.

And more than a little bit scary. Especially when you’ve shared some of the stuff nearest and dearest to you with any Tom, Dick, or Harriet who cares to read it and they’ve made no promises to be gentle with your fragile little heart.

(But I’m not worrying about those kinds of people today.)

Because I know some AMAZING people (online and in real life) who are joining me in my excitement and being excited FOR me and doing happy dances and sharing my new baby on Facebook like rockstars.


Oh! I forgot to tell you about my book!! So, I wrote an e-book about Cambodia (my favorite place on the planet).


It’s called We Dream of Cambodia. And it’s true; we do. (I wrote a little bit about that here–how I’m loooooooonging to go back but have finally surrendered that desire to the only one who can make it happen.)

It’s currently only available for the Kindle (on Amazon) and as a FREE PDF (which I will happily give to anyone who shares a link to the book or this post on his/her Facebook wall). Shouldn’t be long before it’s available for Nook/iPad/etc.

So, if you’d like to buy it on Amazon, I LOVE YOU!! (and as a thank you, I’ll give you any/all of my other e-books FREE)

And if you’d like a FREE PDF, just share this post on Facebook/Twitter (or a link to the e-book on Amazon, either way) and leave a comment letting me know you did, and I’ll send it to you straight away.

Thank you, friends!! My heart is bursting!! Thanks for being so sweet and supportive and fabulous!!

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