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A couple weeks ago, I interviewed pastor/author Pete Wilson here on the blog about his new book, Plan B. I told you to ask Pete anything you liked and I’d choose three of your questions for him to answer. Some of your questions were so big and so deep, I’m going to save them for another time (Gitz!). And some of them sweet Brandi is going to answer in the next week or two.

Here are the ones I gave Pete to answer, and here’s what he had to say:

Jen Hanson wants to know: How do you stay aware of the disconnect (between how things are and how they should be) without getting overwhelmed, frustrated or cynical?

Pete: Jen, I had to accept that there is a God and I am not him.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with how broken this world is.  There is pain and heartache everywhere but there is also incredible hope in the fact that there is a loving God who wants to redeem your part in the story.  Once you accept that you are not in control, it allows you focus on who God is and not what he does.

Jessica Turner asks: Will you share a story of how God has used Plan B in someone’s life? What did that mean to you–having your book impact someone else?

Pete: I’m sorry Jessica, I can’t pick just one story.  The response to the book has been overwhelming.  It’s heartbreaking to read the pain and hurt that people are going through, but I can’t stress enough how important their response has been.  No one has emailed saying, “I read your book and the next day I won the lottery!” The responses are, “I am choosing to trust who God is and now what he is currently doing.”  People are putting their faith in a faithful God and that’s the key ingredient to have when we are faced with Plan B situations in life.

Jen Griffin asks: How do you put Brandi as your #1 (after God of course)?  You have the boys, church, book and speaking engagements. How do you do it?? (Jen would also like a Fragile Crate t-shirt.)

Pete: Jen, thankfully there are NO Fragile Crate T-shirts out there!  To answer your question though, it’s all about a healthy balance.  It would be extremely easy for me to focus more and more on writing, speaking and leading, but all that does is set me up for burnout.  It also would be easy for me to sit at home and play with my boys all day everyday! Balance has to be intentional and I have found that when I am out of balance on one thing, everything else starts to falter.  (my relationship with God, my wife, my staff, work, etc.)

And perhaps the most important question of all:

Brandi Wilson wants to know: What are you getting your wife for her birthday? It’s just around the corner on August 28th in case you’ve forgotten.  Would you like me to make a few suggestions? An iPad would be great.

Pete: I bet it would!!  Ha!

I take it that’s a no? (Don’t give up, Brandi! There’s still time to change his mind!)

Thanks so much, Pete! We appreciate it!

Have a great day, friends!

4 thoughts on “q & a with p.w.

  1. Mrs. M

    This sounds like a great book. I know that the Plan B’s in my life have made me a better, more compassionate person, even though it was painful to go through at the time and nothing I would have chosen. One of my favorite Bible quotes is “Be still and know that I am.” I tend to tilt at windmills and want to “fix” everything. It’s hard to realize, at times, that I’m not in control. I’m thankful that Someone all loving, powerful, and knowing is.
    Thanks for bringing us new authors and ways of thinking, Marla. You are a true gift.

  2. gitz

    Don’t worry about having to tackle mine, Marla. It was too much for a fun q&a. It’s too much for me sometimes, too. 😉 These answers were great… And such a great book.

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