once upon the internet

Oh. My. Word.

Be still my heart.

Holy stinking cow.

My new e-book releases today tonight (RIGHT NOW!!), and I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Friends, you have NO IDEA (well, maybe you do) what a journey this has been. Long. Hard. Exhausting. Man alive. (even today has been NUTS) That’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

Anyway. Enough of that. HERE SHE IS!!

Isn’t she just the prettiest thing you ever saw?? (The story behind the cover also deserves its own blog post. The illustrator, Wes Molebash, is pretty much a freaking ROCKSTAR.)

And my husband, Gabe Taviano? Another ROCKSTAR. (and yes, he also deserves his own post–wait until you hear what God has been up to in his life and body!) He designed me a website just for the book! And it’s soooo cool.

You can buy the book for $2.99 for your Kindle, Nook, iPad (we’re actually still waiting on Apple to approve the book–any second now!), or computer/phone. Just click here.

I would LOVE your help in spreading the word about the e-book. If that’s something you’d like to do (like, say, you want to blog about it!), let me know, and there will be some sort of reward in it for you (including, but not limited to, me sending every single person I know to visit your blog).

Thank you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! (really, truly, my heart is bursting!!)

And if you’d like a chance to win one of 10 PDF copies (that you can read on your computer or phone and maybe even other devices if you’re really smart), just share about the book (with a link to my blog or the e-book website: http://onceupontheinternet.com) on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or your BLOG (or email/call 5 people) and then leave a comment telling me you did. Cool??

(I’ll draw the winners on Saturday, so if you just can’t wait that long…)

42 thoughts on “once upon the internet

  1. Joy

    Love the book! Haha, I may be up late tonight. I keep wanting to read parts of the book to my poor exhausted husband. Started reading in line at Walmart (thank you hubby for the Christmas Kindle). I have an aunt near Akron OH, so someday I may show up at your door Marla. 🙂

  2. Sharon

    I just tweeted. And am thrilled that you mentioned we can get a pdf (if that’s worded weird it’s b/c I am apparently technologically challenged and don’t know how to say that right). I have been able to download some ebooks from Amazon onto my cloud reader and read them that way, so I was hoping to do that with your book. But, pdf is great, too.

  3. Sharon Meekins

    Congratulations Marla! I’m on break at work, but I will purchase as soon as I get home. Much love to you, friend! 🙂

    THANK YOU so much for praying for me. Please continue…

  4. Jennifer

    I posted on facebook and just spent some time checking out the website Gabe put together for the book! Everything looks good, I look forward to reading it when I get the opportunity! 🙂

  5. Marcy

    It looks amazing! I am a new reader here…first time on your blog. I would LOVE to win that little prize. I am in process of writing my first book. Yay! I have NO idea what I’m doing. LOL

      1. Marcy

        My book is my story through grief (loss of my brother, early on), infertility, adoption and generally the journey to see God through it all.

      1. Marcy

        Thanks! It is non fiction. I have just now set some goals. I have no outline. I’ve heard it’s helpful but I’m not sure where to start. I have 2 chapters done, before editing.

        1. Cheryl Pickett

          There are different processes that you can follow, but a having a basic outline can help you a) organize and remember your big picture thoughts b) know where you are headed. At some point, you do have to have an order that will make sense to your readers of course.

          You can do something simple in a Word Doc, on a piece of paper or you can write individual ideas on note cards or even sticky notes on a wall, and then just stack/arrange/rearrange as you go.

          1. Marcy

            Thank you so much for those ideas. I have been thinking about the outline in my head but it’s time to get it onto paper.

  6. Jennifer Ekstrand

    I’ve shared on Twitter, and I put the details in for Goodreads.

    Part of me wants to go buy the book before Saturday, but I’m currently in the middle of With Justice for All and Marilynne Robinson’s When I Was a Child I Read Books, so I probably wouldn’t get to it before Saturday anyway.

  7. Ginger Morris

    I have shared the link a couple of times on facebook…plan to do so again. If I don’t win a copy I will buy one. After I read it I’m sure I will be sharing even more! When are you traveling to FL? 😉

  8. Gail

    I got it this morning stole enough minutes to read the first half or so. So fun! I love the direction you went with it. Congrats!

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