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Totally inspired by E’s collection of yellow-bound books (I just sent her 3 of my Grandma’s to add to her stash), I decided to browse through my own bookshelves to see if I had any books in my favorite color: cornflower blue (a.k.a. the color of my blog).

Cornflower was my favorite crayon when I was little, and I’m still in love decades later. (Disclaimer: I’m no Queen of the Color Wheel, so any variation of cornflower is cornflower to me.)

Ah! Livi just brought me some cornflower crayons! Bliss!

I scoured the house, and here’s what I came up with:

Mmmm… I could stare at those books all day (and do, because they’re sitting right by my laptop).

Now, I’ve already decided that my motto is going to be “All things in moderation.” I know me and my tendency to go overboard with this kind of stuff. Ask anyone who knew me my junior year of college. I went through an orange phase. I wore orange every single day (I’m not kidding) and my half of the dorm room was floor to ceiling orange (including an orange rotary phone from Goodwill). Mmmm… orange books might be fun!

So, I’m going to proceed with great care and caution. The bottom four books on the pile were my Grandma’s (and the very bottom 2 are about writing), so they’re special to me. And the one on top was written by my dear friend Joanne (The Simple Wife), so also very special. I won’t say I’ll limit myself to super-meaningful cornflower-bound books; I’m just going to be more selective than I would’ve been 15 years ago.

Case in point: I found a shiny cornflower-bound medical textbook at the thrift store the other day, but put it back (even though it was only a quarter), because it just didn’t look loved enough.

I’m half-tempted to collect red books too, but I don’t think I will. Maybe I’ll just group together the old red books I already have.

If you were going to collect monochromatic books, what color would they be?

p.s. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a book-swapping party with friends who all like different colors??

26 thoughts on “my newest obsession

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  5. Jen Hanson

    I organized our two shelves of books by colors today. I’m pretty sure my husband is going to think I’m crazy when he gets home from work 😉 It looks cool, but not as cool as I envisioned as about 1/4 of our books have white binding. Booorrring! Oh well – it was still a fun project!

  6. sherrie

    this is off-post topic, but I read your post on Rachelle’s blog. thanks for sharing so candidly. I want to pass along that sometimes our “successes” or failures are defined by the comparisons we make of ourselves against standards.

    I think you’re such a success because you have been published four times, and at 34 no less. that inspires me.

    are you aware of how many books C.S. Lewis actually wrote compared to the ones people know about? he used to write sci-fi novels of all things.

    and now I will look into your “Expecting” devo as I am expecting. 🙂 about to deliver, but I could have used it early on, so maybe w/ the next one.

  7. Amber

    Cornflower Blue is one of my favorite crayon, too!! Well, that and Mac-n-Cheese…but I think that is more the name than the actual color.

    My fave color is Periwinkle. I’d want Periwinkle books. And if I ever find a medical textbook in Periwinkle….I’m so buying it. Just because that would be awe.some.

    Love this. Love you.

  8. jaime

    I would want pink. I just glanced at my bookshelf and I have two pink books. One of which is “Changing your World One Diaper at a Time”.

  9. Elizabeth

    I love the idea of grouping books by color! I have all of my red books together, but the rest are just thrown on the shelf. I think your cornflower books are so beautiful and spring-y!

  10. Omom

    I have not been able to stop thinking about the yellow book collection either. I already gravitate towards pink books at the library. I walk through and grab any pink bound book and look at it to see if the cover interests me. I know that is a weird way to see if it’s a book I want to read, but I can’t help it.
    So obviously I would collect Pink and already have a small collection started.
    I love the color swap idea. I’m in!!! 🙂

  11. Kay

    You’ve got me loving the cornflower blue! I never even noticed that color before, but you slap it on a group of books (some of my favorite things too) and voila! I’m mad about it! Can’t believe you have that many books in that color! How special 🙂

    If I were collecting books in a certain color I’d want white I think. And I probably have a lot that are white. I took a quick glance at my bookshelf and don’t notice many in my very favorite color, red, so I think white would make a nice, clean collection.

    You’re fun!

  12. Melanie Miller

    This is a stunning idea. I’ve seen this on HGTV, but never applied it to my life. I would look for red books because that is THE accent color in my house. But I am a sucker for anything with pretty flowers on it, be it books, pictures, dishes, hat boxes, pillows, etc. (esp. red and pink flowers) Have a great weekend!

  13. Bethany

    Your giraffe and blue book collections/obsessions have got me thinking–why do we love obsessions so much? Like picking something we love and embracing it and becoming obsessed (like me with aprons, sewing, cupcakes, etc.). Why are we like that?

  14. Bethany

    Not sure of the color, but I love Nancy Drew books and they’re yellow… If anybody has any Nancy Drew books they don’t want, you can send them my way!

  15. Liz

    So I’ve been thinking about that since you wrote about the girl who likes yellow books and I STILL cannot decide what color I would want to collect! I love the cornflower blue though. Good choice!

  16. Jen Hanson

    Hmmmm… I love that idea of grouping a whole case of books by color! I have them all organized by subject, but this definitely calls for some reshuffling of books this weekend!

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