my new mama book just $1.99!!

ninadiapersbookOh for crying.

I asked my publisher awhile back, “Hey, is there any way you could make Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time FREE on the Kindle for a bit??”

I’ve seen “all the other authors” do it, and it’s $11.99 which is OUTRAGEOUS to me, because I’m spoiled rotten by my other e-books that I can sell for $2.99 or 99 cents or FREE.

They said, “No, but we can discount it deeply. How about the 2nd week of September?”

And I said sounds great, then FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT. ACK!!

So, it’s available RIGHT NOW (and hopefully for a couple more days) on the Kindle for $1.99. It’s out of print as a paperback, so this is the only way to get it. And $1.99 is soooooooo much more awesome than $11.99.

Would you do me a really REALLY big favor?? Would you tell people about it for me?? On Facebook or Twitter or Candy Crush or wherever it is you hang out online?


Here’s a short link to it instead of the big ol’ Amazon one:

And of course you can buy it yourself. Or if you’ve already read it (and liked it), you could tell people that.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

EDIT: It’s $1.99 for the Nook too!

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