let's make a deal

I might have mentioned a time or twenty that I find the author’s life to be a bit of a tightrope walk. You pour your heart and soul into your writing (so grueling), it becomes a book (hooray!), then you have to figure out how to convince people to buy it so you get the chance to write another one (all without coming across as the obnoxious navel-gazer you hate to be but kind of are).

A lovely and delicate balancing act. One that I will, in all probability, never perfect.

I mostly like to dangle from the tightrope by one knee pit.

In other words, instead of a graceful, pointed-toe, confident stride across the wire, I’m all bumbling and awkward and trying my darnedest not to land embarrassingly in the safety net.

But enough of the metaphors.

As much as I loathe book promotion, I know I need to do at least a little bit of it each day (ish) in order to be a good steward of what God has given me. And I got an e-mail today that’s going to make my job a little easier tonight.

From a 60-year-old woman who just read Is That All He Thinks About?: We were on our way to a mutually agreed upon divorce when I gave your suggestions a chance. Your book saved our marriage.

Can you say ALL GLORY TO GOD?!? Talk about being humbled and honored and floored all at once.

She went on to say some really cool stuff that made me just shake my head at how God works. And I had to smile when I read these words: “I think you have an untapped market of baby boomers who need your message.”

Oh, for crying. All this time I’ve been barking up the wrong tree, speaking to Mothers of Pre-Schoolers when I should have been hittin’ up the Bridge Club (okay, so I don’t even know what Bridge is, nor do I know anyone who plays it, 60 years old or otherwise, but I digress).

Untapped market indeed.


I have a deal for you. And by YOU, I mean a somewhat-specific demographic.

YOU = all of the following: 1.) you’re a girl (woman, lady, whatever). 2.) you’re married. 3.) you have a blog.

If YOU’re interested in a free copy of Is That All He Thinks About? in exchange for a blog post about it, I have FIVE to give away. Just leave a comment telling me why I should pick sweet little ol’ YOU for a free book. (I’ll choose the winners Monday at midnight.)

If you want a shortcut, just go ahead and buy the book now. 🙂

And while we’re on the subject of FREE, I’ll give a copy of my e-book The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky to ANYONE who wants to write a little something about it. And it doesn’t even have to be a blog post–a Facebook update or Tweet will do (just let me know when/where you post it).

And instead of leaving a comment, just e-mail me here. (it’ll be easier to send you the link to the book that way)

You can also buy a copy of the e-book here for just $2.99. All proceeds to the Cambodia Fund. Woot woot!

Whew. That was painless. Thanks, friends!

14 thoughts on “let's make a deal

  1. Susan Hart

    Found you through Pastor Pete’s bog. So very interested in reading some of your books, just waiting for some extra moolah to be able to pick one up! 🙂 I’m 49, soon to be 50. I’m married, my second time, and have 2 kids, a son 22 yrs old and a daughter 20 yrs old. Could use some help with our marriage. It’s a second marriage for my husband and myself. He was married 5 yrs with his first wife, I was married 20 yrs to my first husband who was abusive. As a christian, I did not feel divorce was an option. Depression was constant and thoughts of suicide were frequent. I did get a divorce, with much support from coworkers and my mom and dad, who though they didn’t know how bad it was, saw plenty. My sister would not talk to me for several yrs but is coming around. My “now” husband and I have been married for 7 yrs but it is difficult as we both come with baggage. Sorry, don’t know why I went on like that, don’t usually tell my story.

  2. Shelly Roth

    i would ask you to pick me b/c I feel like you might be a godsend! i was just talking with my mom after church on sunday that i don’t know what to do about my marriage of almost 20 years and 3 kids 22, 17 and 15. it’s got lots of issues and i’m not sure what can help and i feel torn about staying miserable or getting out. i know god wants me to persevere. i know i need to change my mindset on certain issues, but it’s hard when your heart is hardened. i think your book might help to change a big part of our marriage. thanks be to god for all your work in telling young people about the biblical ways in relationships. it’s so hard today for young people to find that amongst everything they’re bombarded with by the world. thank you and god bless.

  3. Danielle

    I wanna say “pick me” because there are sooooo many young marrieds in my life (including myself) who could benefit from this. And because I have actually had my heart very healed by the sweet love of my husband, and actually would encourage women to let their husbands love them sexually so that they can be loved emotionally. BUT my blog is not very well read, except when I put any links on your blog, so I don’t think it would do much for the marketing side of things. So, if you will link liberally to me, then I would be so honored to be chosen.

  4. Pamela Huggins

    My Vitae:

    *Wife of 20 yrs.
    *Mother of 3
    *Associate Pastor (specifically serving young adults and youth)
    *Social Media Marketer (FB: 835 connections; Twitter: 708 followers)
    *Biblioholic (lover of reading and books)
    *Very interested in the topic of your book 🙂

  5. MainlineMom aka Sarah

    So here’s a funny thought. I’m really interested in your book. I’ve read lots of similar books, but the opening excerpt of yours that I read was funny AND like a dagger to the heart. I have a pretty well read blog (not as popular as YOURS, but I’m a blog veteran) and I think I should read and review your book there. Why? Because I’m a big fat chicken about it. I don’t really want to talk about sex on my blog because my mom reads it. And lots of people I know read it. And that would be incredibly vulnerable and unlike me. Which is EXACTLY why I need to do it. You see I’ve been reading a lot of things like The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and The Linchpin by Seth Godin not to mention Brene Brown’s incredible Ted Talk on vulnerability (Google it…amazing) and I’ve learned that if I have the idea to do something but every fiber of my being makes me fear it, THAT is exactly what I should do. That may make no sense to you, but it does to me.

    That’s my rambling way of saying I think I need to write about this b/c someone who reads my blog (including me) needs to hear about it.

  6. Brooke

    because i had the sense to marry a man from the c-bus area.
    because it would have a lovely home on my bookshelves.
    because i love your books.
    because God loves me.

  7. Lacey

    Hey, Marla. I feel like I’ve read a lot of marriage books, but I’d love to add yours to the mix! I’m a part of a summer book study that we call the Better Wives Club, and it’d be fun to recommend your book to them! 🙂

  8. Sharon W

    That is so awesome!!!! I just ordered your book last week from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can dive in.

  9. Ruth Chowdhury

    Do we need to finish reading the book to do a blog post about it? I bought the book from you a few weeks back but haven’t finished yet (meaning, I read a few pages). So do I blog about how awesome I’ve heard that it is, and I’m going to read it? Or do I wait til I read it, then do a review? I may be able to read it next month. Lmk!

    Oh and praise God about the marriage that was saved! Glory to God!!

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