i've got a secret…

What is it about those words that drives us NUTSO?? And what is it about KNOWING something that is a secret from most of the rest of the world that makes us feel all tingly and adrenalated? (totally not a word, totally should be)

I’ll be honest. Writing books about things like s-e-x and pregnancy means I’ll often get told secrets–even by people I don’t even know. I’ll get e-mails from sweet young (or old!) mamas-to-be that say, “My hubby and I just found out we’re pregnant, and we haven’t told anyone yet, but I want you to know I’m reading Expecting and loving it!”

Or e-mails from women who’ve read Is That All He Thinks About? and want to tell me something really personal they’ve been struggling with (or rejoicing over) and are just dying to tell someone.

I can’t say that I mind being a Secret Keeper. It’s an honor and a pleasure. And sometimes even deliciously satisfying.

I remember one time when I was in the right place at the right time and got in on a little (big) secret. It was January of this year (man, that seems like forever ago), and I was at the Super-Duper Siesta Scripture Memory Event in Houston. I wrote about it here and here, (2 of my favorite posts ever) so I won’t rehash all the debatably-pointless details, but what I never shared back then was that not only did Travis Cottrell order meatloaf at lunch, he also told a big secret. And while Beth and Amanda and Melissa and Melanie are practically his sisters, I was a complete stranger to him. (Which of these things does not belong here?) I could sense his hesitancy (should I really talk about this with this who-in-the-world-is-she? at the table?). I think Mama Beth might have told him I was okay.

His secret? He and his family were leaving Nashville to move to Jackson, TN where Travis was going to take a worship pastor position at a church. It was pretty big stuff, and I was kind of in awe that I got to be in on it.

With Christmas around the corner, secrets are everywhere. Like that extra-special, just-so-perfect gift you found for someone, and now you just have to find a way keep it a secret until December 25th.

Chances are, you’re going to tell SOMEONE. You have to. Secrets are soooooo hard to keep all to yourself. So you look for that one person who will DELIGHT in your secret but still KEEP your secret. And then you tell her.

It’s a nice feeling to be trusted with a secret, huh.

There are secrets about love and babies and gifts and surprise parties and the TITLE OF THE BOOK WE’RE READING FOR OUR NEXT READ-ALONG.

Can you tell that I don’t really want to keep this a secret much longer? Thankfully, Wednesday, December 1st, isn’t that far away. But I kind of want to tell some of you now. And I also want to tell you about some of the prizes that could be yours each week of the Read-Along. (oh, the prizes!!)

So, maybe if you tell me why you’d be the perfect person to share my secret, I’ll send a little super-secret message your way…

31 thoughts on “i've got a secret…

  1. Jennifer

    You should tell me because it’s going to be 19 degrees (!!!) here soon which means that I won’t be leaving the house and won’t be able to share your secret with ANYONE. 🙂

  2. Amy

    I am a REALLY good keeper of secrets…my husband on the other hand, not so good. Soooooo…if you tell me your secret ( which I think you should) I PROMISE not to tell Billy! 🙂

  3. Leigh

    Ah the suspense of it all! The reason why I’m a good secret keeper? Two words: social worker. I know so many secrets/stories from work, from friends, and from family that I could make your head spin. It’s actually shocking the amount of information a complete stranger will tell me, even in a grocery store. As I tell my friends and family, I’m a vault. As I tell my clients, it’s between you and me so long as it’s not harmful to you or others. It would be nice to know a good secret!

  4. Rachelle

    I’m the perfect person to share secrets with because I am a secret keeper, both in profession and in heart.
    I am a postmaster, so I have to keep many, many secrets everyday. My reputation,job and customers depend on me being trustworthy.

    I promise not to tell… 🙂

    I also have to say that this whole situation in Cambodia is hearbreaking; praying for them.

  5. Nancy

    I will only tell my husband and daughter and I know THEY won’t tell anyone. Yeah, you probably shouldn’t tell me. As a side note, I’m currently reading your s-e-x book and I’m loving it! Now, that’s all I’m going to say about that 😉

  6. sandee

    oh oh, I thiought of another reason…I am a good secret keeper. I knitted my four children hats for Christmas …and it keep it a secret, I made my middle son clothes his eyes, while I tried it on him to see if it would fit. lol! I wonder what he thinks it might be??!!!

    (At least he doesn’t know the color).

  7. sandee

    Well, I think you should tell me, because…I came over to your blog this morning, not to read what you posted (although I DO like to do that), but to ask you if you ever read Beth Moore’s blog, because I LOVE what she posted to day and after I posted my comment on her blog I then thought, MARLA would love this. So I came here to tell you that and to say, go read her blog today…because you will love it…. 🙂 And here I find you talking all about Momma Beth…and you got to sit with her…how cool is that???!!! so do tell!


  8. valerie

    When I was little, I snooped and found my Christmas presents. It RUINED Christmas, and I have been a staunch secret-keeper ever since! All my friends know a secret is ALWAYS safe with me! I would make a great CIA agent. 🙂

    I do have a blog, but I seldom write, so you’re safe with me! And you’re right. There IS something about knowing a secret that makes me feel all tingly and adrenalated. So come on, do tell. 🙂

  9. Marla

    ok let’s give this a try:

    1) I have a SUPER cool name and you know you can trust people with that name
    2) I worked in Human Resources for many many years and am used to keeping secrets b/c when in HR you can’t tell anyone anything!
    3) I live far far away from you
    4) I love to keep secrets and surprises
    5) I don’t blog so I can’t spill the beans

    I could keep going but 5 seems like enough for now.

  10. Erin

    I knew for one week we were pregnant with Liz before telling Gregg. Then we waited about three weeks to tell our parents. And then another two months to tell our friends. We’re great secret keepers around here. 🙂

  11. Denise

    I think because you love me, that’s why you should tell me. Plus I want to do another read-along – which is surprising since I am not much of a reader! You may be inspiring me to like reading more!


  12. Cheryl Schroeder

    1. I don’t have a blog where I can be tempted to spill the beans.
    2. Nobody that I know, knows you (mostly anyway, there is Polly Hiltibran who is my husband’s aunt) or has participated in your last read-a-long, so I can’t ruin it for any of them.
    3. I can start looking for the book while I’m out and about Christmas shopping 🙂

    Do any of those work?

  13. Claudia Porpiglia

    I have learned to be a good “secret keeper”. Several of my friends have trusted me to be the “other adult” in their children’s lives. They have given them permission to talk to me about things and I agree not to reveal them to the parents (I might require them to talk to their parents though). This has been an awesome privilege and sometimes a heavy burden but God has worked every time!

  14. Cathy

    Hhhmmm, I have to admit that I am one big secret keeper:-) When we were pregnant with #6, I wanted to know what “it” was and my hubby didn’t. So, my mom and I went to the ultrasound and we found out. I managed to keep it a secret from my hubby! Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t torture him with oh-so-fun hints at every turn leaving him so confused (a girls gotta have fun ya know!) So, come on…..what’s YOUR secret?

  15. Kelli

    I am a great secret keeper… I have known the gender of my baby for the past 15 weeks!!!

    OH I KID!!!!! Wouldn’t that be the worst.

    So if that gave you a good scream, please let me know the name of the book. I need something to distract me from finding outmy big secret!!

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