i'm so over it.

Turns out I only needed permission to mope. I didn’t actually need to mope. Go figure.

I woke up this morning with that nagging feeling that something was wrong. Then I went back to bed while the girls did a Snow Day Dance. Got up at 9:00, spent some sweet time with Jesus while my kids did who knows what, then sat down at my computer.

Oh, the tears.

As soon as I started reading your comments, a wave of peace washed over my whole sad self, and it hasn’t left. Bless your sweet, sweet hearts. I’m sorry it took such a bummer deal for me to realize how good I have it. Man.

So, let’s get down to business.

1100 copies of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time are on their way to my house from Oregon. I have 30 days to pay the publisher for them. You might think I’d be concerned about this. I am not.

I do want to give you, my faithful, darling friends, a one-time opportunity to buy some copies of the book at a discount. All proceeds will go toward paying The Man at the publishing house. After that, I’ll just sell them for $12 until they’re gone.

See, 1100 books is not that many. Not really. A couple years ago, I watched, jaw agape, as the poor UPS man unloaded 52 (FIFTY-TWO) boxes of Blushing Bride into my garage. Since Diapers is thinner than Blushing (and there are 1100, not 2300), I’m only expecting a small, teensy-tiny load of 20 boxes.

I’m kind of excited that you get to purchase some books for cheap (if you want), and I get to make a profit I wasn’t expecting. The only one losing out is the publisher (which I only feel the slightest smidge guilty about).

Speaking of diapers (weren’t we?), Happy 1-Week Birthday to my beautiful niece, Mia!

So, until Friday. here’s my offer (these all include shipping costs):

1 Diapers book = $7

2 Diapers books = $12 ($6 per book)

4 Diapers books = $20 ($5 per book)

5 Diapers books = $22 ($4.40 per book)

21 Diapers books = $70 ($3.33 per book)

If you don’t need them shipped, I’ll deduct the amount it would cost to ship them.

If you still want Blushing books,

4 Blushing books = $10 ($2.50 per book)

17 Blushing books = $30 ($1.76 per book)

Want a combo?

2 Blushing + 2 Diapers = $15 ($3.75 per book)

9 Blushing + 10 Diapers = $50 ($2.63 per book)

All you need to do is click here sometime before Friday at midnight and enter whichever amount you want (they’re all different prices, so I’ll know which special you’d like).

If you’d rather write a check, shoot me an e-mail, and we’ll get that worked out.

If you’d like some books but won’t have $ by Friday, let me know, and I can hold them for you. I’m all about the grace period. The GP and I have grown tight over the past year.

Any questions?

Seriously, friends. Your words touched my heart in a way I can’t articulate. God used you to affirm His love for me, His calling on my life and His promise that He wants the very best for me (even if it’s much, much different than what I envisioned). I love you guys, and I don’t deserve such wonderful friends.

The pity party’s over early. I’m so excited about what’s next.

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  2. Tiffani

    do you know how happy I am that you said “spent some sweet time with Jesus while my kids did who knows what”…it thrills my heart to know that I’m not the only one who gets that sweet time any time I can and it’s not usually way before they wake and rarely after they are in the bed and I felt so long like it HAD to be that time…learning that He knows the motherhood season better than I do and He loves me spending time with him no matter when it is!

  3. karen rathbun

    please give a peek inside your book…looking for gift for a couple of moms-to-be and your book was recommended. Thanks.

  4. Monica

    is there any way you can give a brief overview of the diapers book?? Not that I don’t think it would be good! You spoke once at our MOPS meeting and I have your book “Is that all he thinks about?” I’m just wondering if this one would be good for a few of my sisters! Sadly mine are all out of diapers as of a week ago! 🙁

  5. Lindsee

    I’m so thankful you were encouraged, lady. He is neat like that to use words from friends to lift our spirit. I would totally buy one “Blushing” book, however, I don’t want to “awaken” anything before it’s time, if you know what I mean. 😉 So, promise me you’ll save at lease one copy in the years to come!

  6. Emily Kay

    I sent you guys a PayPal payment, but it never let me add a text message to it…so I also sent you an email through your “Contact” page. Just let me know at some point that you got it. 🙂 Love you!

  7. Kaye

    I knew somehow that beautiful smile of yours couldn’t stay away for 2 whole days:)
    Let me think about the books and will let you know something soon.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  8. amber

    Been out of the blogosphere for a few days, and am just now catching up.

    Oh, dear sweet precious friend…my heart breaks for you and rejoices with you all at the same time.

    This world is so full of stinkin’ disappointments and stuff that just “don’t make no sense.” But thankfully our God is amazing. And strong. And mighty. And all-knowing.

    And His plans for you are so much grander and marvelous than even you could even imagine for yourself.

    I’ll weep with you, but I will also stand excited and anxious alongside you to see where Our Jesus is taking you!!

    Blessings all over your head today, dear one.

  9. Omom

    I guess sometimes we do just need the permission for something and then it’s like, well I don’t want to do that….Thank you for the opportunity to let us just send you some love that we feel all the time already!
    I have a small shout out to you on my blog today, just thought I should let you know. 🙂

  10. Kelsie

    Praise God! I’m GLAD that He’s delivered you! I chose not to comment yesterday because I had SOO much I wanted to say to encourage you…I chose to pray for you instead. 🙂 “Changing Your World…” changed my world, Marla! And now “Is that all…” is changing my world, too. God is good, and He is using you to encourage and bless others. I’m sorry it’s hard. I hope today continues to get better for you!!

  11. Liz

    I totally understand needing permission to mope! I am glad the “load” will be a bit lighter than the last one. I do have that book and I love it!

    I have grossly neglected my blog as of late but I just checked it and saw that you visited! That really made my day and, I have to admit, I am a little star-struck! Thanks for visiting!

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