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Married women with an e-reader, I’ve got a question for you:

If a book entitled, Is That All He Thinks About? How to Enjoy Great Sex with Your Husband, showed up on your Kindle/Nook/whatever, and you found out it was a gift from your husband for Mother’s Day/your birthday/whatever, would you be:

a. excited
b. embarrassed
c. irritated
d. offended
e. elated
f. some other adjective that starts with a vowel

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. This is more a question about you than the book.

Thanks, friends!

63 thoughts on “i'm curious

  1. Tiffany

    Hmmm…..I would enjoy receiving it for a non-event. For my birthday or Mother’s Day or whatever I’d be frustrated because it would be more about him. haha. But yeah-I’d like to receive it as a spontaneous thing. Does that make sense?

  2. Sandi Faulk

    I LOVE seeing the great gulf fixed between the genders. Not at all surprised to see the consensus among the women; I’d think that it would be a POLAR OPPOSITE consensus if you’d have asked about gifting the Getting Lucky book to our hubbies for Father’s Day.

    I wonder what responses might have been if the proposed gift would have been with something in a baby blue jewelry box, or fancy chocolates, or a massage…or the promise of 10 hours uninterrupted sleep.

    I’ll keep gifting Is That All? to curious, giggly brides-to-be until I run out! Love you, girly.

  3. Julie Melloan

    Irritated and Annoyed! Maybe he could give me this book for HIS birthday/Father’s day…

    Sounds like a good book but receiving it as a gift would feel sort of like an insult…happy birthday but it would be really great if we had sex more often. Sort of like a back handed compliment kind of gift.

  4. Melissa

    I choose excited… partially because if my 13 year old saw it he would be horrified and stop “borrowing” my kindle 🙂

  5. Sarah

    I would love to read this book and will definitely check it out. However, I want it to be my idea so that I can better my marriage, and find new ways to build into my man.
    If I received this book as a gift from my husband, my vowel word would be… insecure. Am I not satisfying him in bed? Does he think I need help? Is this a hint?

  6. beth lehman

    i would roll my eyes, b/c of course that’s all he thinks about. i know that already. the book is great – i know that b/c i have it (thanks, Marla).

  7. Rebecca

    All of the above mentioned adjectives and more! 🙂 🙂

    Though, I would like to think I would be happy that he was trying to gently tell me that he would like more of it–and maybe instigated it a little more often! 🙂

  8. Bethany Peters

    Interested. I would be curious about why he decided to get it for me–Do I need improvement? Does he know I just like books?

  9. Joy

    Excited, because he would have to do something way out of his element. He loves me like crazy but is not into books.

  10. Gretchen

    Slightly annoyed. Gifts, to me are about celebrating the recipient, not asking them to improve on something. Time & place….

    However, I think it’s a great gift to self or gift to girlfriend.

  11. Jennifer Main

    Disappointed….I know that doesn’t start with a vowel but let me explain why I chose this word… You see, I have read this WONDERFUL book(and passed it on to my older sister) and my husband was aware I read it….let me say he was elated that I was reading it!!! Anyway, I’m afraid if he got it for me to read again….that may be his kind way of saying, “you didn’t get it the first time…try again:)”

    On the other hand, the positive word I would use would be Excited!!! I could read it in public without bein embarrassed:) (it does have SEX in bright red on the back!!) I could pull up a great idea you had even if I don’t have my paperback version! All in all I think it is a Win
    Win!!! I actually do plan on reading this book many times:) thank you for writing it:)

  12. Jen C

    I’ll go with excited. The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky kind of showed up on his e-reader, and I read it after him. We both learned something. Even after 17 years, there are days we need reminders of things we knew but have forgotten.

  13. Nina

    Embarrassed and hurt–wondering why he hadn’t talked to me about it first if he thought we were having “issues.” I would also think he’d lost his mind since it’s not like him to buy “How To” books (unless they are somehow related to business management). 🙂

  14. Danielle

    I would be excited! Partially because I just love you and anything you write. And partially because I would take it as an act of pursuit from my husband. I know that may sound weird, an e-book as an act of affection and desire, but it seems to me that anything that would help us better understand each other and maybe enjoy our union more is welcome.

      1. Danielle

        🙂 We talked it over and think that he should read ITAHTA and I should read the Husband’s Guide since we’re kinda weird and a little opposite of most married couples! Maybe we’ll read them both together.

        1. Marla Taviano

          Great plan, friend. And you aren’t the only “weird” couple out there, trust me. I just had to write for the bigger audience which is the other way around. Love you!!

  15. sigh


    He’s the one that never wants sex and treats me like a roommate rather than a wife. Oh to have your troubles ladies.

  16. Tina

    I would be offended and slightly embarrassed. I have your book (am about 1/3rd of the way through it, life got in the way…ugh!) which I bought for myself. I am always looking for ways to help our love life. But if my hubby bought it for me thinking this would be a great hint, he would be WAY wrong! 😉 There are ways to go about these subjects in a marriage. And that would be the #1 wrong way.

  17. Ruth

    I’d feel… Kinda hurt if it was the only way it was being communicated to me that something may possibly not be ok with our sex life. But if it was in addition to having a good sex life & keeping open communication, I’d be a little embarrassed but then intrigued.

  18. Mandy

    If I’d never read it before and my husband tried to surprise me with a e-copy as a gift, I would feel:

    P.S. I love that book and have a paper copy.

  19. alicia

    a little offended if it just showed up. i’d like to read it, but would feel a lot better if he talked about it with me first and bought the other book for himslef too. that way it would be a joint effort to improving things as opposed to him seemingly hinting it was just me that needed to work on something

  20. Julie

    honestly, I would probably be a little embarrased and slightly offended but since its your book, I probably get over it quick.

  21. Beth in Baltimore

    Excited. But I’ve been married 20 years and we’ve waded through some stuff to get to the incredible place we are today that includes me being far less easily offended. I think. 🙂

  22. brooke

    embarrassed and offended.
    not that i don’t want to read it, but definitely offended if a certain someone *thought* i needed to read it.

    says the prude who’s easily offended.

    1. Emily Kay

      I don’t really consider myself a prude, but if my hubby sent this to me I definitely would be offended because I would hope our relationship was open enough that he would gently confront me if he felt something was “off.”

      But I have your book and love it so that would never happen. Hubby is a pretty satisfied guy. 🙂

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