i'll trade you some blog traffic

Okay, girls. Here’s the deal. (and guys, I don’t mean to exclude you, except I kind of do, but if you really want in on this, I won’t stop you)

Big-name authors work their butts off to be awesome which translates into publishers doing lots of marketing work on their behalf. Not-so-big-name authors get the honor of doing all their marketing themselves. And if they don’t do it?

Books go out of print. Boo hoo.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done a lousy job of marketing in the past. Good marketing takes 1.) money and 2.) time and 3.) skillz and know-how.

Guess how many of those I have in huge supply?


But every now and again, I’ll decide that, “Hey! I should put a little effort into this!” And this is one of those times.

So I took my latest royalty check from Is That All He Thinks About? and traded it in for a box of books.

Okay, that’s not really true. I bought a box of books “on credit” because I had a big speaking engagement coming up where I knew I could sell a lot of them and pay the publisher back.

I sold 2.


And so they said, “Um, hey, sorry about your luck, but WE STILL NEED YOUR MONEY.” And I begged for a few more days (weeks? months?). And then it was bi-annual royalty check time, and my sweet, patient friend at the publishing house who’s in charge of getting delinquent people to pay told me, “So, hey, your next royalty check is just about the same amount as what you owe us, so we’ll just keep it and call it even, ‘kay?”


So. I’ve got a whole box of Is That All He Thinks About? sitting here that are technically paid for. And I’m thinking I’d like to “invest” them in some marketing.

Do you have a blog? Are you brave enough to write a review on a book about sex? Do you like free books? Then I have a deal for you!

I’m looking for 10-15 bloggers who will read Is That All? and write about it on their blog. You’ll get a free copy of the book (and a free copy of my new e-book that releases in May).

And when your blog post goes live, I’ll tell everyone I know about it (all my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, next-door neighbors) and hopefully your blog will get some extra traffic (if you like that sort of thing).

Just leave a comment telling me a little about yourself, your blog, and that you pinky-swear promise that if I send you a free book, you’ll write about it sometime before June 1. Coolio? Woohooolio!

15 thoughts on “i'll trade you some blog traffic

  1. Jenn

    You know, I’m not sure I’ve ever blogged about this book! I already have a copy, so I’ll do it for free. 🙂 Inspired by you and your writing talent!

  2. Amy

    Actually, I’d like to buy one of those. I had a copy in our church library that has gone missing, and my personal copy that I loaned to a friend (can’t remember who) has also gone missing. I’ve sent out emails to see who could possibly have it, but no luck. So … I’d like to purchase a replacement copy. May I drop a check in the mail?

  3. Stephanie Santino

    I do not have a blog but could start one! I would just love to read your book because I think you are a super cool mom and sister in Christ!!! Truly!!

    1. Addie

      I just realized that I didnt tell you much about me.

      Im from Mississippi – born and raised. Ive been married for 11 years and have 3 kids – Gabe (8) and Emma (6) are our bio kids, and we adopted Wallace (8) from Hong Kong right after he turned 6. He has down syndrome and other medical special needs. We are now adopting again – a little girl from China and are hoping to travel late summer. My husband is an 8th grade middle school teacher… I work in an office and am also a photographer as well…. and I love to read – Ive already finished 22 books this year.

      Hope that was enough!

  4. brooke

    i’m in if ya need me. i can offer an alternate POV on the matter, if that’s what you are looking for. i think you know all (you care to know) about me. coolio if you want me to, coolio if you don’t.

    always praying for you.

  5. Arlene Pellicane

    I am with you sister about the author/marketing connection! Good for you to make this creative use of your books. I would love to review your book on my blog. Great fit for my website. My book is 31 Days to a Happy Husband. Thanks Marla!

  6. Christi McGuire

    Hi Marla,
    I would love to read your book and review it on my blog, Witty Words @ http://www.christimcguire.com/blog. I blog once a week about a variety of issues (marriage, parenting, this crazy, modern life) and how I try to discover God’s wisdom in these daily things. I’m transparent about my mishaps and failures, hoping others will share their honest thoughts as well. I married my high school sweetheart and have been together for 20 years, and YES, it is still all he thinks about!

  7. Marcy

    Marla, I would love to do this. I have a humor bloghttp://theirreverentreverendswife.wordpress.com/ where I make fun of life in general and sometimes make light of being a ministry family and all that entails. I also have a blog http://lovemylifebodyandsoul.wordpress.com/ about my spiritual journey. I would be open to whichever one you would think fits a book review. My spiritual blog probably gets more traffic. I am currently writing two books about our journey to parenthood and all of our loss and how we made it through (with God, laughter and a good support network), and one about my childhood losses and how grief has shaped me and taught me so much. That is a very general picture of a very specific story. Anyways, I would love to receive a book and review it if you pick me 🙂 I could use a few pointers in that area as well *wink wink*

  8. Melissa

    Hey Marla,
    So I already have a copy of your book that I won in a previous giveaway, but I would still love to write about it on my blog and since I already have a copy of it, I’d just take your free e-book (and write about that one too, if you wanted). You already know me, so I’m not sure what more I could write about myself, but my blog is a little hodge podge of everything 🙂

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