i want to read YOUR e-book!

Some of you know I’m a Bundle of the Week affiliate. Bundle of the Week is this really cool site where you can get 5 related e-books on all sorts of topics (cooking, marriage, technology, writing, parenting, decorating, etc.) for just $7.40.

Being an affiliate means I get $1 (of the $7.40) every time someone buys a bundle. I usually only share the bundles I would buy myself, and I make about $2-$5/a week (on the weeks I share).

I’m thinking of quitting my day job actually.

When one of MY books is in the bundle, I get $1 for EVERY bundle ANYONE buys, so that’s pretty awesome. Two of my books have been featured so far (The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky and Once Upon the Internet), and those weeks both happened to be on the low-end of what the bundles usually bring in. But the money was still a huge blessing (and came right exactly when we needed it most), so hooray!

And I’m going to pretend the low sales had nothing to do with me.

Today I’ve got something really fun to announce. AND IT’S GOING TO CHANGE SOME OF YOUR LIVES. (I actually really believe this.)

Mandi at Bundle of the Week is offering a 10-week course on WRITING AND PUBLISHING AND SELLING YOUR OWN E-BOOK. For just $10!! (just use the coupon code LAUNCH at check-out) And you get lifetime access to the courses (it won’t disappear at the end of the 10 weeks)!

I’m so excited about it that I’m actually going to buy it myself, because even though I’ve written/published 3 e-books (and have 2 more in the works), I could really use some tips from an expert (especially when it comes to the social media/marketing part, because I tend to just say things like, “Hey, I wrote an e-book. You wanna buy it? No? Okay, here it is for free then.).

If you’d like to join me on this adventure, for just $10!!, that would be AWESOME. I’m super-duper excited for you to WRITE YOUR OWN E-BOOK! I want to read it!! For reals!!

And added bonus for ME: for every person who registers for the course for $10, I get $3 of that! So it’s like you’re buying a 10-week course for $7 and giving me a $3 present.


AND. As my gift to YOU: if you purchase the course, I’ll give you a copy of ALL 3 of my e-books for FREE. (and if you already own them, you can choose a friend to get them!)

What do you say?? Any questions, concerns, thoughts, EXCITED EXCLAMATION POINT-LADEN REMARKS?

Just make sure my marlataviano id is at the end of the link when you buy it, and we’ll be good to go.

And if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate yourself, I can help you do that. (I don’t get anything from that–this isn’t a pyramid–in fact, I will probably just lose business to you, but hey, I’m not worried about my $2 a week, especially if I get any more of my e-books included in the bundle someday.)

Speaking of, maybe YOUR e-book could be part of a bundle someday!! That would be so GREAT!!

Go buy the course, (don’t forget the coupon code LAUNCH) and let me know you did! I’ll e-mail you the links to my e-books! xoxoxoxo!!

p.s. And if you’re not up for writing an e-book, but you like to READ them, leave a comment about an e-book topic that would interest you, and I’ll send you a free copy of one of my e-books (specify which one you want: The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky, Once Upon the Internet, The Wife Life). Woot!

p.p.s. I will also give a free e-book to the first person to count the exclamation points!! in this chipper!! post!! (holy cow)

29 thoughts on “i want to read YOUR e-book!

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  2. Candice

    Hey Marla,
    I think I am going to sign up. I’m a little confused though… Each week does another module release and then you have the whole week to look at it or is it a live teaching thing? I guess the scheduling is throwing me off a bit.

    1. Marla Taviano

      Great question. I don’t know if it’s live or not. I do know that one releases each week, BUT you have lifetime access to it. So you don’t just have the week to look at it; you can reference it FOREVER (although I’m sure it will become obsolete before that). 🙂

  3. Sharon

    I’ve always wanted to write a book! Recently with the ebook craze, I decided perhaps an ebook would be the way to go. I so hope to write an ebook! But I am so very undisciplined. Already have the topic and bits and pieces of what I want to say in various spots, but have yet to put them together.

  4. brooke

    I have nothing to say.
    bhahahahaha! <—jay laughing at me.
    I don't have the confidence it takes to be a writer. or the creativity. or fresh ideas. but I love reading. i'm mostly certain I already own all your ebooks – so thanks!

    1. Marla Taviano

      Um, I don’t mean to pressure you, friend, but “lack of confidence” is NOT a good enough excuse. NO ONE has the confidence to be a writer. And I beg to differ about your lack of creativity/fresh ideas. Do you love to write? Want to write? THEN WRITE. (if you don’t, that’s okay–reading is awesome in itself!)

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