gimme one big final push!

We’ve got ONE MORE DAY to get this baby out! Can we do it? YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM WE CAN!

That was my lame attempt at a pep talk. It’s much better in person.

Okay, so today is the FINAL DAY to secure copies of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time at a MIND-BLOWING (no one cares if I exaggerate, right?) discount.

Of course, there are always exceptions:

1.) you can e-mail me and ask me to hold some until March/April/May when you get paid. 2.) you can come crying to me next week and tell me you missed all my posts about the book, and canΒ  you please have another chance?

Speaking of, if you’re new here, let’s catch up. One of my books went out of print. Read the sad story here. Then check out this post to see how you can buy 1 or 5 or 21 copies.

And a lot of you asked for a sneak peek at the book to see if you’d like it. Here’s Chapter 1 for your reading pleasure. (The Table of Contents is there too.) I will say that the first chapter is all about getting pregnant. The other 9 chapters are much broader in scope and deal with all the emotions–fear, exhaustion, insecurity, bliss, blues, blah–of mommyhood. It’s a fun book, if I do say so myself.

In other depressing news, I just found out from the publisher that I have to pay for the 2 boxes of Is That All He Thinks About? that I just received BEFORE they’ll ship me the 1100 Diapers books. SO. I’ll take the $ from your Diapers/Blushing orders, pay that bill ($689) as soon as I can, then sell Is That All? at my upcoming speaking events to pay for the Diapers books. It’s a lovely cycle really.

Feel free to order a copy of Is That All He Thinks About? for yourself (but ultimately for your hubby) for Valentine’s Day. It won’t arrive by Sunday, but for any order placed by then, I’ll include a free copy of Blushing Bride.

Here’s Chapter 1 from Is That All? if you’re bored at work today.

Are you feeling totally linked out? Totally pressured to make an important decision RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE? I feel ya. Wish I could help.

Got room in your brain for one last thing? If you’d like to help me spread the word today, I’ll be oh, so grateful. How, you ask?

Well, if you’re on Twitter, you can Tweet about it (just post a link to my blog). You can mention it in your Facebook status. You can say something about it on your blog. You can send out an e-mail to your friends. Just make sure you point them here and let them know the offer is only good until today (Friday, February 12) at 11:59pm EST.

If you have any other brilliant ideas for a super-quick promotional campaign, please let me know! (most of my brilliant ideas pertain to things like how I can avoid cleaning the bathroom for yet another month)

Thank you SO much, friends. Without you, what I do (whatever that may be) is pointless. Love you much! See you back here tomorrow for a smashing edition of Swirly Saturday!

7 thoughts on “gimme one big final push!

  1. Denise

    Can I pray about it and get back to you? Teehee. I wish I knew who the heck to give the books to and I would take some from ya!

    Praying for a good outcome on all of this! πŸ™‚

  2. Carrie

    I just read the first chapter of “Diapers” and am totally hooked. I have bought copies in the past for friends and even though I’m not expecting yet I can’t wait to read it and see what I might be in for in the future πŸ™‚ I know I’ll love it because “Blushing Bride” was such a great book. You have a true talent for sharing thoughts, stories, and passing on wisdom to women. Looking forward to more books to come from you. Keep on writing!

  3. LesLee

    Thanks for sharing the first chapter. After reading the first couple paragraphs I ordered some! You are really a talented writer. I read “Is that all he thinks about?” in four nights. I am looking forward to reading the other books now, and I am I still hoping for a book on in laws!

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