get 'em while they's hot!

This weekend wiped me out. Whew. And today started off bad. By the time I got the girls off to school, there had been a lot more bad. And then I got a call from Livi. She left her lunch on the kitchen table. Bad. And then Nina and I had to run some errands. Seven different stores. SEVEN. Four food, four not. Food or not, I do. not. like. to. shop. Bad.

Your book and necklace orders were a bright spot in my day. Especially those of you who bought “Nina Necklaces.” She was tickled pink each time someone else ordered one specifically from her.

Here are details on the Washer Necklaces if you missed yesterday’s post. There’s no deadline for ordering them. We’ll just make them until we can’t take it anymore. We got some orders for favorite college/pro sports teams color combos today. We’ll make just about any team you’d like (unless we can’t stand ’em).

Lots of Blushing books left.

About 40 Diapers books left. Speaking of that book, there’s a dedication inside the front cover that has turned into a pretty cool story over the last 3 years. Once I get permission to share it, I’m all over it. You’re gonna like it.

We prayed for the kiddos in “our” orphanage in Cambodia tonight before bed. And I was reminded once again that all this necklace-painting and envelope-stuffing and book-packing is so worth it. I can’t wait to wrap my arms around those beautiful kiddos again. And I know that when I finally get to see all my brown and white kiddos together, it’ll be one of the best moments of my entire life.

Have a good one, friends!

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