free is my favorite price

I mentioned last week that my e-book, Once Upon the Internet, would be FREE on Amazon sometime this week. Woohoo! Woohoohoo!!

Give me an F! Give me an R! Give me an E! And an E!

I spoke too soon.

Turns out that an author can’t just make her book FREE on Amazon. The lowest you can go is 99 cents.


I checked Barnes & Noble. Same. 99 cents.

I checked iTunes. Ding ding ding!! FREE!!

And then Gabe watched a YouTube video that explained a sneaky way to get Amazon to list your e-book for free. Under the “Product Details” of each book, there’s a link that says “tell us about a lower price.”

The YouTube girl said to get your friends to click on that and say they found it on the iTunes store for free. And if enough people bug them, sometimes (not always), they’ll let you price it for FREE.


I would LOVE your help in getting the word out about this. Here are some things you can do:

1. Tell people on Facebook/Twitter, “Marla Taviano’s e-book, Once Upon the Internet, is FREE on iTunes today! The best book you’ll ever read in your entire life!!” (okay, don’t put that part). And then share this link:

2. Go to iTunes and download the book for FREE for yourself.

3. Go to Amazon and tell the fine folks there that you found it for FREE on iTunes.

4. Help me figure out a way to make it free on B&N too.

5. Write a quick review at any of those places if you’ve read the book and liked it.

Thanks so much, friends!! You’re AWESOME!!

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