dang, the dude can draw!

Up today on the blog: an interview with the uh-MAY-zing Wes Molebash, of WesDraws.com fame, and creator of the gorgeous cover of my new e-book, Once Upon the Internet. So excited about this, friends!

Introducing Wes Molebash!

Me: First things first, Wes. How did you get so awesome?

Wes: Both my mom and dad are pretty awesome, so I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. Unfortunately, my sister didn’t get the gene (just kidding, Lara!).

Me: Now back to the beginning (well, the beginning of where your life intersected with ours). When/how did you meet my husband?

Wes: I believe Gabe found me via my old comic strip, You’ll Have That. We traded a few emails, and I started listening to his podcast (God’s Mac) while I drew comics in my office. In 2010, I spoke at a Digital Disciples meeting and officially met your husband face-to-face. It was a glorious moment. If David were still alive, he would’ve written a Psalm about it.

Me: Gabe has that effect on people. So, tell us, have you been drawing since the womb? Always known you wanted to draw? Do you have an official title (cartoonist, illustrator, draw-er)? And do you have a “real” job too, or do you draw for a living?

Yes, I’ve always enjoyed drawing. I’ve loved comics and cartoons since I was a child, and I became fascinated with the art and business of comics when I was in junior high. I don’t have an official title. I like to think that I’m a creative guy who draws cartoons. I do make money drawing cartoons, but not enough to make a living. By day, I’m a sales manager for a company that sells aircraft paint. By night (and on weekends), I’m a cartoonist.

Me: Okay, here’s the question I’m dying to have answered. How in the HECK did you take this little cell phone picture of my unbelievably crappy sketch and turn it into THIS?

Wes: You can make fun of yourself all you want, but you gave me a pretty good framework for the idea in your head. I took it and ran with it.

Me: Understatement of the CENTURY. How about we give my peeps a little peek into our Facebook conversation about it a couple months ago?

Facebook, February 13, 2012

Me: Hey there, Mr. Cartoon Man. Question for you. I just finished my next e-book, and Gabe’s getting ready to get it all set up for me. BUT I HAVE NO COVER.

(Then I asked him when he could have it done and how much it would cost, and he gave me this ridiculous line about not charging the Tavianos–he designed this cover for free too–and to let him know what I was envisioning for my book cover and “we’ll make it happen.” I told him he was really going to regret that, because I have about 10 e-books in the works. I gave him the “back cover copy” description of the book and then this:)

Me: And here’s the picture in my head for the cover: “Once Upon the Internet” across the top. Thought about a “Once Upon a Time” script kind-of feel, but I don’t know about that.

Then I’m seeing an outline of the USA (maybe with individual states, maybe not) in the background with stars on certain cities (maybe Columbus, Houston, San Diego, Phoenix) with lines/arrows coming out of them and women on laptops (maybe just their heads and shoulders?).

And then maybe a few random zoo animals scattered around for fun. Does that make any sense?? I actually sketched it and took a picture on my phone but don’t know how to send it to you. I guess you could give me your cell #, and I could text it to you.

Do you like working with ridiculous people??

Wes: I love working with ridiculous people. The energy is contagious. I’d really like to see the sketch you worked up.

(Against my better judgment, I put my pride on the line and sent him my sketch. “This is so embarrassing,” I texted.)

Wes: Ha, ha! Awesome!

Me: I think that’s the closest thing to a compliment that I’ve ever gotten on my “art”work.

(Ten days later, he sent the finished cover to Gabe, along with a ton of extra smaller files for Gabe to use on the website.)

Me: Oh. My. Word. I am seriously hyperventilating. I have never seen anything so amazing in my entire life. Never. Not ever. OH. MY. FREAKING. WORD. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Holy freaking cow. Did you know that exact shade of blue is my most favorite color in the universe??? I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even breathe.

(I wasn’t exaggerating. I couldn’t breathe. Now back to our interview.)

Me: The girls and I are working on a book about our Zoo Trip from their perspective. Would you be willing to design the cover for us? How’s that for putting you on the spot?

Wes: Absolutely! It would be my pleasure!

Me: Holy cow. So excited. I’m envisioning lots of giraffes. Maybe we could be kissing them. Or riding them! I’ll go sketch something up… KIDDING. Okay, last question. In 200 words or less, PLUG YOURSELF. Ready, set, go!

Wes: Oh, gosh! …Uh …OK! My name is Wes and I’ve been drawing comics and cartoons since I learned how to hold a pencil! A few of my notable creations are You’ll Have That, Max vs. Max, and a graphic novel that I’m currently creating called Charlie and Gloria. I make money drawing commissions for people, and you can check out my portfolio on my website. If you like what I do and want to stay up-to-date, just bookmark my site: www.wesdraws.com!

Me: Can’t thank you enough, Wes. You’re obnoxiously talented–and funny!–and an all-around swell guy. You’ve been a huge blessing to me and my family, and I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful wife in person soon.

Now everybody take a second and tell Wes how awesome he is.

And ask him a question or two, if you’d like.

And then go hire him to make you something fun!

13 thoughts on “dang, the dude can draw!

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  2. Sharon

    First off, Marla: Your idea for the cover=brilliant. Wes, you’re finished product=amazing! Wes, thank you for blessing Marla with such a great product. And for free! Now, that is awesome and I’m sure a huge blessing to the Taviano’s. I really liked the cover to “The Husbands Guide…” too.

      1. Sharon

        LOL!!!! Actually, Marla, I couldn’t come close to replicating your drawing if I tried every day for a million years. I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler! Your drawing was actually very good, too. 🙂

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